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  • Sothys Anti-Age Cream Grade 2 hydrates and gives the skin a plump appearance to preserve a youthful complexion. Tetrapeptides stimulate collagen production to minimize deep wrinkles and improve elasticity. Macadamia oil alleviates inflammation and irritation associated with dryness. Recommended for women ages 40 to 50.

  • Sothys Anti-Age Comfort Grade 2 focuses on correcting deeper wrinkles and permanent expression lines, plumping and firming skin with an advanced phyto-peptide blend. The product contains Active Anti-Age Shield. This hydrating cream strengthens skin's structure and maintains overall firmness by increasing collagen and elastin production. Wrinkle depth and length is instantly decreased. Most suitable for…

  • Sothys Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Serum Grade 2 plumps and fills in fine lines and wrinkles for a younger-looking complexion. Pentapeptide-4, also known as Matrixyl, stimulates collagen production. Avocado oil moisturizes and helps repair sun-damaged skin. Recommended for women ages 40 to 50.