EMK Beverly Hills Eye Patch – 1 Pair – 3 Treatments


Expression lines and wrinkles appear far less visible. Tired, aged, and droopy eye contour looks firmer and more lifted for a defined eye area. Beautiful prior to eye makeup application.

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EMK Beverly Hills Eye Patch

This ten-minute super hydrating ‘wonder’ gives an instant lifted look as it smoothes, softens, and totally refreshes the delicate eye area with natural marine extracts. Collagen and elastin improve resiliency to tighten skin and make it look firm and toned. It smoothes wrinkles so they appear less visible. Proprietary EMK BIOPLACENTA® from natural Agave Cactus energizes skin and helps enhance penetration for optimal benefits. Clinical testing proved that just one treatment increases hydration up to 169%. Makes eyes appear younger looking, relaxed, rested, and awake.

Featured Ingredients

Agave Cactus Bioplacenta®, Collagen, Elastin.

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