Guinot Creme Hydra Bronze Moisturizing Face Cream – 1.4oz


If you thought your skin could only get that covetable sun-kissed glow by baking under the harsh rays or waiting until the just-warm-enough summer months, the skin experts at Guinot are introducing you to your new year-long beautifully bronze staple. Guinot Creme Hydra Bronze Moisturising Face Cream nourishes your skin with a natural-looking tan™one that can fool even the biggest tanning queen.

Suitable for all skin types and specially formulated to build a gradual tan after 2-3 times use within a week, this tanning cream also offers the benefit of providing your skin with 45% of its moisture back (previously stolen by environmental elements) while giving you that lasting, healthy glow. Unlike other self-tanners you may have used and tossed away, this tube comes fully prepped with the one-two punch of just-right hint of tint while replenishing moisture at the root of the cause (a.k.a. dehydrated, sun-exposed skin). Light floral scent.

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