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ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion – 8.4 oz

ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion – 8.4 oz


ilike Organic Carotene Essentials Body Lotion will hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It protects against free radical damage, while leaving your skin glowing. Infused with beta-carotene, your skin will have cell turnover and strengthen tissue.

ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion

Skin Type: All

ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion Description:
ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion comforts and heals skin. Formulated with beta-carotene with vitamins E & C and antioxidants, this lotion protects against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and fights free radicals accelerating skin’s natural healing and revitalizing process. Packed with vitamins, this nourishing body lotion combines carrots, calendula, cantaloupe and sorb apples to immediately protect, revitalize and nurture skin. Vitamin C helps collagen production, increasing skin’s elasticity, and evening skin tone. Sorb apple helps sustain moisture while the calming and replenishing properties of Calendula moisturizes. Cantaloupe’s replenishing and revitalizing properties keeps skin soft and hydrated. Carotene Essentials Body Lotion’s delicious combination of skin nourishing herbals works together to heal, protect and improve skin’s overall health. Ideal treatment before and after sun exposure.

ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion Features and Benefits:

  • Protects against ultraviolet rays.
  • Fights free radicals.
  • Stimulates collagen production.
  • Accelerates skin’s natural healing process.
  • Certified organic ingredients (BDIH, EcoCert partner Biokontroll and EU decree certifictates).
  • Prepared with fruit, vegetable and herb pulps to preserve the full concentration and potency of ingredients.

How To Use ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion:
After using cleanser and toner, apply a thin layer of ilike Carotene Essentials Rich Moisturizer to face and neck. Use twice a day.

ilike Carotene Essentials Body Lotion Key Ingredients:
Carrots, Calendula, Sorb Apple, Cantaloupe, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.


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Great product

I’ve used this for about 4-5 years. I love it.