ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment – 4.2 fl. oz.

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Ilike Skin Care Nettle and Algae Treatment hydrates, nourishes and increases elasticity in the skin. Nettle alleviates pain and inflammation associated with tired and swollen legs. Hungarian paprika detoxifies and stimulates blood circulation in tired skin for a more lustrous glow. Vitamin C and kaempferol shield your skin with with antioxidants to combat free-radical damage.

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ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment

Skin Type: All.

ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment Description:
ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment widespread cream gel that works well with all skin types and all problems. It moisturizes, renews and energizes skin with vitamins, trace elements, minerals and phytoestrogens. When it boosts circulation, it also stimulates the metabolism and skin elasticity. Nettle and Algae Treatment is perfect for use on cellulite, and loose, wrinkled face, thigh and inside arm skin (particularly prior to running or exercising).

ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment Features & Benefits:

  • Certified organic ingredients (BDIH, EcoCert partner Biokontroll and EU decree certifictates).
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Detoxifies.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Boosts metabolism.
  • Moisturizes.
  • Strong renewing effect.
  • Increases skin elasticity.
  • Nurtures.
  • Supplements vitamins, trace elements.
  • Compensates mineral deficiency.
  • Fills the skin with phytoestrogens.

How To Use ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment:
Using ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment works like a catalyst to boost the absorption of masks and treatments. It can be used by itself or as a beautifying mask. Because it is extremely stimulating, it increases blood circulation which in turn increases body heat right after you apply it, elevating cellular metabolism for better oxygenating absorption. Leave the treatment on for 15-20 minutes and then take off with a moist towel.

NOTE: You may experience some tingling 30-60 seconds after applying this product. This is a normal effect and just means that the herbs and product are reacting within the skin. That sensation will go away in a few minutes, leaving you with comfortable and calm skin.

ilike Nettle and Algae Treatment Ingredients:
Nettle, Hungarian Paprika (green), Alginate, Lemon Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Capsaicin, Vitamins A, B, C, K and U, Kaempferol, Quercetin, Isorhamnetin Bioflavonoids, Chlorophyll, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements.



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