Dr. Schrammek Herbal Care Lotion 2 – 200ml

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Selected herbal extracts and panthenol calm, refresh and hydrate the skin after cleansing. This lotion is excellently suited for very sensitive skin leaving it feeling soft. Free of parabens.


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Dr. Schrammek Herbal Care Lotion 2

Optimal follow-up for skin cleansing
Diminishes redness
Calms, regulates moisture content and refreshes skin
Prevents skin irritations
Excellently suited for sensitive skin
Especially mild and gentle
Normalises the pH-value of the skin and replaces lost moisture
Leaves skin feeling soft and silky

Usage Instructions for Dr. Schrammek Herbal Care Lotion 2

Mornings and evenings, and especially after a GREEN PEEL® treatment, pat onto the face, throat and décolleté with a cotton pad.
Tip: Feels good as an eye compress, relaxes stressed eye zones

Dr. Schrammek Herbal Care Lotion 2 Active Ingredients:

Water lity extract


Size Retail: 200ml bottle