Dr. Schrammek Mela White Day Cream SPF 20 – 50ml


The new formula with a balanced complex of active ingredients and UV filters helps even out existing hyperpigmentation and prevent the formation of new spots. For a harmonious, even complexion. Without mineral oil, parabens and dyes.


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Dr. Schrammek Mela White Day Cream SPF 20

Evens out darkened skin patches
Prevents the occurrence of hyperpigmentation
UV filter protects against harmful sun rays
Stimulates skin regeneration
Moisture content and skin regeneration are enhanced
the complexion is lightened
The skin appears even and glows with new radiance
Lends energy

Usage Instructions for Dr. Schrammek Mela White Cream

Apply regularly in the morning after cleansing to the face, throat, and decollete. For best results use Mela White Serum beforehand. We recommend regular use over a 3-month period.

Dr. Schrammek Mela White Cream Active Ingredients

White lily
Vitamin E
Whitening complex of: malva extract, peppermint, cowslip, lady’s mantle, yarrow, speedwell (Veronica)


Size Retail: 50ml jar

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