Yonka Essential White Creme Lumiere – 1.73 oz


YonKa Essential White Creme Lumiere is a daily treatment that brightens the skin, fighting dullness and dark spots on the complexion. It corrects existing dark spots while prevents new pigmentation from developing. The skin is moisturized for a smoother, more comforted feel. The ground-breaking formula features a patented and extremely efficient active ingredient, time-defying Vitamin C, which deeply controls the melanogenesis (or the production of melanin) process. In just a few weeks, the complexion is unified as discoloration is drastically reduced.

YonKa Essential White Creme Lumiere is an ideal moisturizer for uneven and dull complexion and those of all skin types with hyperpigmentation. This powerful formula protects the skin, giving it a chance to glow with a reinvigorated luminosity that is balanced and youthful.

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