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  • Physiodermie Bioarome CEL Sculpting – 1.7oz

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    Its high concentration of slimming ingredients makes it a powerful body sculptor. Fights excess accumulation of fat and cellulite (orange peel).


    • Helps to activate fat tissue burning and to prevent their storage.
    • Decreases micro-nodule aspect (visible cellulitis or orange skin).
    • Increases skin tonicity and elasticity.
    • Restore a harmonious silhouette.
    • Anti-oxidant, anti-free radicals.
  • Physiodermie Sublimating Cream – Fair #01 – 30ml

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    • Immediately corrects wrinkles and blemishes aspect:
      – Conceals blemishes, pores, and imperfections;
      – Fades away fine lines and wrinkles;
      – Unifies skin tone and dull complexion;
      – Provides a natural finish;
    • Boosts skin radiance:
      – Provides a glowing, healthy-looking complexion;
      – Moisturizes skin;
      – Long-lasting wear, with no trace or demarcations;
    • Anti-aging:
      – Smooths the skin;
      – Improves skin’s firmness and elasticity;
      – Re-energizes skin;
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  • Phyris Retinol Balm – 50ml

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    A light revitalizing 24hr care for stressed, oily and combination skin.

    Brown Algae Extract clams moisturises and smooths skin leaving complexion immediately more balanced.
    Liposomally encapsulated Retinol supports skins collagen and effectively prevents formation of fine lines and existing lines.
    Revitalizing Peach Juice Concentrate rich in Vitamin A protects skin from dehydration and aging.
    Classic Vitamin A improves skins formation of new cells reducing wrinkles & fine lines, improves elasticity, refining the skin.
    Retinol equivalent features high tolerance & unlimited efficacy throughout the day, creating a youthful even complexion.

  • Phyris Intelli Balm – 75ml

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    Intelli Balm is a clever 2 in 1 cleansing product. The unique oil in balm formulation first removes make-up and dirt particles and then thoroughly but gently cleanses the skin.

    The balm is transformed as you massage it into the skin and you can feel the oil components. These ideally combine with make-up residue and completely remove it from the skin. Combined with moisture all hydrosoluble particles are removed and the skin is freed from all dirt.

  • GlyMed Plus For Men Essential Travel Kit

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    GlyMed Plus face cleanser is specifically developed for men. The mild-lathering yet powerful cleanser conditions skin while removing surface impurities. Fortified with Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract and Wheat proteins, GlyMed’s cleanser gently prepares skin for shaving.

  • Glymed Cell Science Chocolate Power Skin Rescue Masque – 2.0 oz.

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    This antioxidant-rich masque delivers superior anti-aging and skin restorative benefits, influences collagen production and improves skin tone and elasticity. This indulgent skin nutrient masque enhances the results of any clinical treatment by boosting the skin’s ability to heal and repair while promoting vital skin cell rejuvenation for delectably softer and younger-looking skin.
  • GlyMed Plus Cell Science Skin Bliss Oil Control Masque – 1.69 oz.

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    Skin Bliss Oil Control Masque attracts oil and packs a potent concentration of botanicals to help reduce bacteria, a cause of problem skin. It is rich in Fulvic Acid, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants renowned for controlling bacteria and occasional breakouts. Frequent application leaves the skin soft, luminous and puri ed.

  • GlyMed Plus Amino Acid Treatment Serum with PC-10 – 1.69 oz.

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    Amino Acid Treatment Serum is fortified with GlyMed Plus’ own PC10 peptide complex for a reduction in wrinkles and inflammation for a healthier, smoother stratum corneum.

  • Casmara Longevity Recovery Nourishing Cream – 1.7oz

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    Cream with a rich texture.

    Intensive concentrate of active ingredients.

  • Phytomer White Lumination Radiance Cleansing Oil – 5 oz

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    Phytomer White Lumination Radiance Cleansing Oil is a super gentle face wash that uses a mineral oil to lift dirt, grime and makeup while leaving your skin supple and smooth. Sea lily extract promotes an even skin tone by lightening age spots as vitamin C brightens and reduces the formation of hyperpigmentation. Your complexion is left comforted, radiant and clean.

  • Phytomer Accept Desensitizing Mask – 1.6 oz

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    Phytomer Accept Desensitizing Mask boosts your skins defense system to reduce inflammation and redness caused by traditional cosmetics. Hypoallergenic, this facial treatment smooths on to heal, soften and hydrate your complexion. Yeast membrane extract acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm irritation. Skin is left feeling moisturized, balanced and comfortable.

  • Decleor Aroma Excellence De L’Age Dark Spot Corrector Concentrate – 0.5fl oz.

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    Decleor Excellence De L’Age Dark Spot Corrector Concentrate features a corrective plant complex, which brightens the skin and helps prevent the formation of new dark spots. Formulated with skin-lightening vitamin C, bellis extract and grape polyphenols, it protects, brightens and evens the skin.

  • ilike After Shave Gel – 1.2 fl. oz.

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    Ilike Organic Skin Care ilike for Men After Shave Gel hydrates, tones and firms the skin. Rosehip and aloe soothe dryness and bring relief to inflamed skin. Peppermint oil cools and refreshes the skin to restore its vitality. Zinc sulfate heals skin irritations and blemishes.

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