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Step into one of the fastest-growing niches globally! The skincare industry is set to grow by $41 billion by 2025 in the U.S alone, and organic products are leading the race. Earn from day one of ownership without a dollar spent on marketing.

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High Demand eCommerce Site in a Rapidly Surging Niche

Organic skincare is the new “It Girl” in an already booming industry. This is your chance to own the original domain with a fully functioning eCommerce store. Profit from day one of purchase without a dollar spent on ads. 

Seller Notes

Leverage Organic Search and Profit

SEO (organic search traffic) is a low-cost way to surge profit margins. ranks for over 1.8k keywords with 1.4k backlinks, making it a dominant site in its niche. This saves you an average of $4 a click on paid ads!

Crush The Competition

Owning this one-of-a-kind domain gives you a massive leg up over your competitors. While they’re pouring thousands into paid ads and marketing strategies, sits pretty at the top of search results, instantly directing warm leads to your brand. 


With a host of value-driven skincare articles already in place, you become an industry-leading name by owning this site. In addition to that, this site retains a loyal customer base by placing value at the forefront with engaging content. 

How Does This Site Make Money?

This store already turns over more than 40k in profit every month through products sales, but the possibilities for monetization are endless, including affiliate marketing. The hard work of getting traffic is already done. 

Colossal Client Database

Over the years this site has garnered a huge client list of roughly 300 per month. Expect this number to grow rapidly within the coming months. 

Extensive Social Proof

Social proof is a key component for turning fence-sitters into paying customers. With close to 2,000 gleaming 5-star product reviews, 

The Perfect Time to Purchase

Amazon has grown by $507 billion in 2020 thanks to current lockdowns. With more people staying at home, eCommerce is thriving. There’s never been a greater opportunity in human history to invest in eCommerce.

Why Sell This Site?

Most listings on Flippa state sellers “don’t have time” to run their sites anymore. But the reality is, we’ve earned enough to retire, and want to pass this project on to ambitious entrepreneurs like ourselves. 

Time-Sensitive Offer

This listing is first come first serve. Don’t rest on your laurels and be sure to snatch this high-demand site and domain before your competitors beat you to it. This is the only domain of its kind.