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    Harsh sun rays, acrid smog, work stress and multiple layers of cosmetics—it's no wonder our skin's become sensitive! Whether it be inflammation, irritation or overall intolerance, the Guinot Hydra Sensitive Serum is about to gently give your skin the tender loving care it needs. This soothing face care system is specially formulated for sensitive and…

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    Red Logic Face Cream from Guinot targets irritated, stressed areas on your skin to immediately soothe and calm, while minimizing redness. Aloe and shea butter promote healing and offer comfort as arnica extract reduces redness. Skin will only get stronger and more resilient, helping it defend against further irritations.

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    Guinot Hydra Sensitive Facial Cream shields sensitive skin against harsh environmental conditions while soothing and calming feelings of irritation. It reinforces and supports the skin's natural defenses, allowing it to maintain a calm and comfortable existence. It also moisturizes and softens for enhanced suppleness and radiance.

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    Guinot Creme Protection Reparatrice Face Cream features a rich blend of natural and scientifically advanced ingredients that work together to protect against damage while soothing discomfort. The rich, non-greasy texture sinks into the skin to create a soft shield that protects against environmental aggressors while boosting the skin's natural defenses. It also balances, softens and…

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    Guinot's Douceur De Vie Skin Defense is a restorative, SPF 15 cream that provides intense UVA/UVB protection while soothing, and firming skin. Skin Defense's ultra light texture and airy fragrance have a calming, healing effect on stressed, dull skin. Made with a gentle blend of natural ingredients like Vitamin E, lavender, lemon, and chamomile, this…

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Guinot - Guinot Newhite Brightening

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    Guinot Newhite Vitamin C Brightening Serum targets, corrects and prevents hyperpigmentation for a clearer, more even appearance. Its lightweight, concentrated formula is infused with stabilized vitamin C to brighten your skin and protect it from damage-causing free radicals without causing irritation. Melanoxyl complex inhibits melanin production to reduce and lighten dark spots for a radiant…

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    Guinot Newhite Brightening Day Cream delivers rich hydration to your skin as it promotes a brighter, more even complexion. Melanoxyl complex works to inhibit the production of melanin deep in your skin to reduce and prevent age spots. Vitamin C infuses your skin with damage-fighting antioxidants while brightening your skin for a radiantly even appearance.

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    Guinot Newhite Brightening Night Cream uses your body's own sleep cycle to boost the reparative capabilities of its active ingredients for a brighter, more even appearance. Stabilized vitamin C reduces hyperpigmentation while combating the visible signs of aging. Melanoxyl prevents new dark spots from forming by inhibiting melanin production for a clear and radiant complexion.

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    Guinot Newhite Perfect Brightening Cleanser effectively removes impurities your skin for a clearer, more radiant appearance. Melanoxyl complex inhibits the production of excess melanin to prevent further dark spots from forming. Stabilized vitamin C protects your skin from UV damage, preserves collagen production and brightens your complexion. Essential fatty acid-rich rapeseed oil promotes elasticity and…

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    Guinot Newhite Perfect Brightening Cleansing Oil gently removes makeup and other impurities from your skin while promoting a brighter complexion. Ideal for sensitive skin types and suitable for the eye area, this soap-free formula turns into a rich, foaming lather as it mixes with water. Stabilized vitamin C and Melanoxy complex reduce the appearance of…

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    Guinot Newhite Perfect Brightening Lotion clears away any residual makeup, dirt or excess oil left on your skin after cleansing while promoting a clearer, more even skin tone. Its lightweight formula invigorates your skin as it restores pH levels to control oil production and prepare skin for serums and moisturizers. Melanoxyl complex reduces hyperpigmentation for…

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    Guinot Newhite Instant Brightening Mask targets, treats and prevents unevenly pigmented skin for a brighter, clearer complexion. Melanoxyl infuses your skin with oxygen while working to inhibit the production of excess melanin in your cells to reduce the size and color of dark spots. Vitamin C illuminates your skin while defending against damage-causing free radicals.

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