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  • GM Collin Acne Complex pH 5.5 – 1.7 fl. oz.

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    GM Collin Acne Complex is recommended for oily skin with localized blemishes, as well as for acne-prone skin. GM Collin Acne Complex is great for use in the clinic before and after extraction, as a concentrate during treatment, to prepare the skin for waxing. GM Collin Acne Complex is an easy to carry product than can be used anytime as a localized treatment or over the entire face to purify oil, acne prone skin.


  • GM Collin Lotion Traitante – Oxygen Puractive Treating Mist – 5 oz.

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    A fragrance-free and alcohol free mist that purifies, refreshes, and soothes. Evens out the skin  promoting a matte and softer complexion.

    The Oxygen Puractive line is formulated with patented antimicrobial peptides that purify the skin, and ingredients known for their capacity to stimulate a healthier and more balanced skin.

    This line is formulated with natural and biotechnological ingredients that tighten pores, reduce sebum, and matify the skin, protecting and leaving it refreshed and hydrated.

  • GM Collin Creme – Oxygen Puractive Cream – 1.7 oz

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    GM Collin Creme – Oxygen Puractive Cream Light and non oily oxygenating cream. Normalizes, detoxifies and hydrates. Matifies the skin all day long and tightens dilated pores.

  • GM Collin Puracne Gel – 1.8oz

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    Oily to acne-prone skin.

    • Acne treatment.
    • Formulated with 2% Salicylic Acid.
    • Prevents blemishes, dries out whiteheads and clears blackheads.
    • anti-inflammatory
  • Acne Zinc and Sulfur Mask

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    For acne-prone, blemished and oily complexions will find fast relief from the balancing benefits of oil-absorbing Zinc Oxide and blemish-drying Sulphur. Skin will be cleaner, clearer in minutes. This deep cleansing mask works in minutes to purify pores, free skin of unwanted oil and surface cells, decongest and begin drying imperfections. Improvement is obvious as soon as the masque is removed. May be used daily as a ‘spot’ treatment for troubled areas, or as an all-over treatment 1-3 times a week.

  • GM Collin Charcoal Mask – 2 oz

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    • Formulated for all skin types with bamboo charcoal.
    • Captures and eliminates micropollutants.
    • Revitalizes and replenishes the skin.
    • Purifies and improves the skin’s texture.
    • Evens out the complexion.
    • Leaves the skin feeling soft and comfortable, thanks to its texture that does not dry out, but remains moist.
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