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Dr. Grandel Contour Lift Ampoule – 24 Pack

Dr. Grandel Contour Lift Ampoule – 24 Pack

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Dr. Grandel Contour Lift Ampoules With “push up” effect. Provides smoothing and firming care. Promotes elastin synthesis.

Dr. Grandel Contour Lift Ampoule

DR. GRANDEL Contour Lift Ampoule with its “push-up” effect firms and tones the skin’s contours. For an immediate lifting effect.

DR. GRANDEL Contour Lift Ampoule can either be used as a special-effect ampoule (=effect for a day or for a particular occasion) or as a treatment program (=sustained improvement in the condition of the skin).
A treatment can last 1–4 weeks, depending on the intensity required. After cleansing and before moisturizing, two to three times a week during the treatment, apply a whole ampoule to the face, neck and decolleté and gently massage into skin using fingers.

How to open the ampoule:
1. Make sure no liquid is left in the ampoule head. Gently knock the ampoule, allowing liquid to flow down.
2. The dot that marks the breaking point should face upwards. Towards you.
3. wrap a tissue around the ampoule or use an ampoule breaker tool to protect your fingers.
4. Now break the ampoule AGAINST THE DOT.

Highlight Ingredients
Sorghum Extract
Juice of the sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). Rich in sugars (polysaccharides) with
specific film-forming properties, to smooth and firm the skin.
Lifting Peptide Complex
Synthetic peptide complex made of the amino acids arginine and tyrosine. The Lifting
Peptide Complex stimulates the regeneration of the elastic fiber structure and reduces the
skin’s loss of elasticity.