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  • YonKa Lotion Yon-Ka – Dry Skin Toner – 6.76fl oz.

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    Yon-Ka Lotion Yon-Ka – Dry Skin Toner soothes and revives dull skin. Cypress oil helps reduce blotches on the skin. Thyme oil stimulates circulation to give skin a healthy glow. Glycerin helps the skin to retain moisture, bringing relief to dry skin.

  • Yonka Excellence Code Global Youth Cream – 1.75 oz

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    Mature skin, made fragile by hormonal changes, will come alive thanks to this luscious and comfortable cream which fights off any signs of aging: dryness, loss of firmness and brightness, wrinkles, discoloration. 4 patents.

    Your skin looks visibly younger, smooth, firmer and plumper, wrinkles fade away and your complexion is brighter and unblemished*.

  • Yonka Creme 15 Purifying Soothing – 1.7 oz

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    YonKa Creme 15 hydrates, smoothes and helps minimize irritation associated with acne breakouts and waxing treatments. Witch hazel acts as a natural astringent to tone the skin and tighten pores. Citric acid evens and brightens your skin tone. Lavender, sage and yarrow oils provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • YonKa Lait Nettoyant Cleansing Milk For Face and Eyes – 6.76fl oz

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    YonKa Lait Nettoyant Cleansing Milk and Eye Makeup Remover is a gentle, yet thorough makeup remover restores the skin’s protective lipids while removing makeup formulations. It hydrates and calms, ensuring a comfortable finish that’s soft to the touch and beautifully radiant. Suitable for use on the entire complexion.

  • Yonka Creme Solaire SPF 50 Sunscreen Cream – 1.7 oz

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    Yon-Ka Solar Care Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 moisturizes, nourishes and provides intense protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays during sun exposure to prevent skin damage. Licorice extract reduces redness, helps minimize dark spots and discoloration. Vitamin B5 binds water to the skin to improve elasticity. Ideal for all skin tones.

  • YonKa Alpha-Fluid | Renewing Hydrating Fluid – 1.69 oz

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    Proven cosmetic effectiveness :

    • Skin is hydrated: 90 %
    • Skin texture is improved: 73 %

    Over time, skin texture will become finer, skin Imperfections will be visibly reduced, your complexion will even out and your skin will appear brighter and more beautiful.

  • Yonka For Men Anti-Age | Age-Defense – 1.4 fl. oz

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    YonKa Men Age-Defense deeply hydrates for a softer, younger -looking complexion. Formulated with a blend of botanicals and essential oils, this lightweight formula starts working just 2 hours after application, increasing your skin’s hydration levels to 115%, thereby softening fine lines and wrinkles.
    With antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage, it significantly slows the signs of aging for smoother, more radiant skin. Formulated especially for men, Age Defense is ideal for use after shaving or as a rejuvenating night cream.

  • Yonka Cellular Code Long Life Infusion Serum – 1.1 oz

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    Yon-Ka Cellular Code balances aging and menopausal skin while softening age spots, lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Lipoamino acids allow for absorption deep within skin to enhance cell functionality and reverse signs of aging on a cellular level. Tropafolum flower and baicalin stimulate oxygen within cells to boost radiance.

  • YonKa Hydra No1 Creme Hydrating Repairing – 1.74 oz

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    YonKa Hydra No1 Creme instantly hydrates the skin and prevents moisture loss. Formulated with nourishing oils, including grape seed, coconut and hazel seed, as well as shea butter and hyaluronic acid, it heals dry skin while it conditions, for skin that feels softer and smoother all day long. Antioxidants help to regenerate the skin and defend against free-radical damage. Essential oils of rose, chamomile, jasmine and Quintessence YonKa (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme) provide relaxing, aromatic effects.

  • Yonka Phyto Contour Eye Cream – 0.53 oz

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    Yon-Ka Phyto-Contour helps minimize the appearance of puffy, tired and aging eyes. Lavender, rosemary and cypress oils moisturize to diminish the appearance of crow’s feet and also boosts circulation to refresh the skin. Citric acid brightens the skin to minimize the appearance of dark circles.

  • Yonka Men Barber Shave – 100ml / 3.4 oz

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    Gently remove dirt and makeup from your skin with YonKa trusted Barber Shave. Featuring aloe vera and essential oils, this natural shaving cream doubles as a cleanser and works deep to alleviate razor bumps and irritation while leaving your skin feeling softer and silkier.

  • Yonka Gommage Yon-Ka – 1.8 oz

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    Gommage Yon-Ka hydrates and removes dead skin cell build up to give your complexion a healthy glow. White nettle flower extract acts as a natural astringent to tighten the top layers of the skin and relieve irritation. Lime oil balances the skin tone to diminish redness.

    • 94% natural ingredients
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Non-abrasive
  • YonKa Alpha-Peel – 1 oz

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    • Exfoliates away dead skin cells.
    • Refines skin’s surface.
    • Firms and smoothes skin.
    • Night time skin renewer.
    • Improves cellular cohesion.
  • Yonka Eau Micellaire Cleansing Water – 6.76 Oz / 200 ml

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    YonKa Eau Micellaire – Micellar Cleansing Water features a nutrient-rich complex that combines anti-aging botanicals with gentle cleansing agents to remove dirt, excess oil and makeup from your skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, it easily sweeps away face, eye and lip makeup and doesn’t need to be rinsed off.
    Sea lavender oil and polysaccharides prevent premature aging as chamomile and rose essential oils soothe inflammation. Sodium PCA binds moisture to your skin while bergamot and mint essential oils energize and invigorate for a glowing complexion. Skin feels soft, supple and refreshed.

  • Yonka Time Resist Creme Nuit – 1.7 oz

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    Achieve a nourished and hydrated complexion with Time Resist Creme Nuit by Yon-Ka. Specially crafted for mature skin types, this creamy face moisturizer works to reduce signs of tiredness and the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Yonka For Men Nutri Creme | Nutri-Cream Antioxidant Energizing – 1.4 oz

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    Designed specifically for men, Yon-Ka Nutri-Cream nourishes and rejuvenates aging skin for a healthier, younger- looking complexion. Featuring vitamins A, C, E and B5 this anti-oxidant rich formula deeply conditions while shielding the skin from environmental damage. Botanical extracts and essential oils purify and hydrate to leave your skin looking softer, smoother and more youthful.


  • Yonka Time Resist Creme Jour – 1.7 oz

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    Address visible signs of aging with Time Resist Jour by Yon-Ka. Crafted with youth activating ingredients like technologically advanced microspheres and Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, this luxurious cream works to unveil visibly smooth and plumped skin.

  • Yonka Lait Auto Bronzant Self-Tanning Milk – 150 ml

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    Exude radiance with this self-tanning milk that gives you a natural, uniform tan in 3 to 4 hours without potentially dangerous sun exposure. Enriched with hydrating fruit extracts and nourishing shea butter, this easy to use sunless bronzing lotion is suitable for all complexion colors and skin types and lends your skin a golden glow. It does not contain sun protection properties and should not be used in place of sunscreen.

  • Yonka Emulsion Pure Purifying Regenerating – 1.69 fl. oz.

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    YonKa Emulsion Pure cools, comforts and brings relief to skin with acne, insect bites, waxing treatments and superficial burns. Lavender oil provides antiseptic benefits to reduce bacteria and help heal burns. Cypress oil evens out the skin tone to minimize the blotches. Rosemary oil increases blood circulation, moisturizes and treats sun-damaged skin.

  • Yonka Sensitive Anti-Redness Cream – 1.76 oz

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    Key Benefits:

    • Corrects
    • Soothes
    • Hydrates
    • Repairs
    • Regenerates
    • Fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, organic and certified cruelty-free
  • Yonka Glyconight 10% Masque – 1.77 oz

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    Key Features:

    • Addresses concerns for every skin type
    • Suitable for sensitive skin that’s tolerant towards glycolic acid
    • Hydrates with vegetable glycerin
    • Vegan and free of silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrance and synthetic dyes
  • Yonka Excellence Code Global Youth Eyes & Lips – 0.5 oz

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    Key Benefits:

    • Focuses on lifting the upper eyelid and refining the fine lines and wrinkles around the lips
    • Specialized eye creme helps diminish all signs of aging
    • Eyes appear more radiant
    • Visible smooths away fine lines and wrinkles
    • Restores a youthful appearance
    • Helps visibly fade dark circles, and tightens and firms upper eyelid
    • Applicator is designed with 5 patents and imparts a cooling touch
    • Formulated with active ingredients
    • Delivers hydrating hyaluronic acid, mango butter, and grape seed and avocado oils
    • Soft focus powder and natural pink pigments help brighten dark circles
  • YonKa Elixir Vital Repairing Nourishing Elixir – 30 ml

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    YonKa Elixir Vital (formerly Serum Vital) restores, nourishes and conditions the skin. Soy peptides improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping even out the skin tone. Vitamin F, which is rich in omega fatty acids, moisturizes your skin leaving it softer, smoother and more youthful.

  • Yonka Advanced Optimizer Serum Firming Booster Lift Effect – 1oz

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    Yon-Ka Advanced Optimizer Serum restores, moisturizes and revives the skin giving it a youthful glow. Wild rose and hibiscus extracts firm, tone and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Horsetail extract regenerates the skin leaving your complexion softer and younger-looking.

  • Yonka Phyto 52 Firming Vivifying – 1.4 oz

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    YonKa Phyto 52 tones, refines and smoothes for younger-looking skin. Beech bark extract moisturizes the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Citric acid brightens the skin to minimize age spots, discoloration and sun damage. Cypress oil acts as a natural astringent to tighten the skin.

  • Yonka Creme 28 Hydrating Softening – 1.7 oz

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    Yon-Ka Creme 28 restores moisture levels to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lecithin revives and conditions dull skin to bring back its radiance. Allantoin reduces irritation associated with dryness. Vitamin A helps protect the skin from free-radical damage to prevent premature aging.

  • Yonka Elastine Nuit | Smoothing Wrinkle Remover – 1.7 oz

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    YonKa Elastine Nuit Smoothing Wrinkle Remover (formerly Elastine Nuit) creates a barrier on the skin that retains moisture to hydrate, firm and reduce the signs of aging while you sleep. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and improves the tone and texture of the skin. Wheat germ oil helps soften mature skin and repairs sun damage for brighter, younger-looking skin. Hydrolyzed elastin boosts firmness and elasticity.

  • Yonka Nutri-Contour Repairing Eyes-Lips – .5 fl. oz

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    YonKa Nutri-Contour minimizes the signs of aging around the eyes and lips while alleviating dry, chapped skin. Chamomile extract improves the skin’s texture and elasticity, as well as reduces signs of sun damage. Peppermint leaf extract soothes irritation and leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

  • Yonka Masque 105 Purifying Clarifying Mask – 3.52 oz

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    YonKa Masque 105 gently detoxifies and refines the skin to give your complexion a healthy glow. Lavender oil alleviates redness, inflammation and irritation caused by skin sensitivity. Kaolin removes impurities from the pores. Geranium oil tones and firms the skin.

  • YonKa Hydra No1 Serum – 1 oz.

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    Yon-Ka Hydra No1 Serum is delivers essential moisture to the skin to for a smooth and youthful complexion. Hyaluronic acid improves smoothness to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins A and E nourish and protect against environmental damage.

  • Yonka Masque 103 Purifying Clarifying Mask – 3.30 oz

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    YonKa Masque 103 detoxifies the skin and tightens enlarged pores. Kaolin draws out impurities and toxins to clear the skin of oil, dirt and makeup. Lemon peel oil enhances the clarity and suppleness of the skin. Sage oil cools and comforts inflammation associated with blemishes.

  • Yonka Pamplemousse PNG Vitalizing Cream – Normal to Oily Skin – 1.7 oz.

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    Yon-Ka Pamplemousse Vitalizing cream – Normal to Oily Skin (formerly Pamplemousse for Normal to Oily Skin) firms, illuminates and protects the skin against environmental stress. Pumpkin seed and orange oils keep the skin supple and youthful. Naturally toning lime and lemon peel oils brighten and improve the texture of the skin. Vitamin C fights free radicals and supports collagen production.

  • YonKa Huile Silhouette Toning Smoothing Dry Oil – 3.38 fl oz

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    • Improves the appearance of cellulite.
    • Tones the figure.
    • Lightweight formula absorbs quickly.
    • Softens and smoothes skin.
    • Contains fat metabolizing effects.
  • YonKa Hydra+ Booster – 15ml

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    Key Benefits:

    • Provides long-lasting hydration
    • Skin is plumped
    • Brightens the complexion
    • Signs of tiredness are diminished
  • Yonka Elastine Jour | Smoothing Wrinkle Remover – 1.7 oz

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    YonKa Elastine Jour smooths away wrinkles and repairs your skin with 73% natural origin ingredients. This day cream reduces the appearance of fine lines with hydrolyzed elastin and protective antioxidants. Shea butter moisturizes your complexion and softens your texture. Non-greasy and lightweight, this formula absorbs hydration deep within your natural moisture barrier for a rejuvenated appearance.

  • Yonka Nutri Defense Creme – 1.75 oz

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    The SOS comfort cream for dry to very dry skin.

    Due to its complex, nutritious formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9, and more), this smooth cream brings immediate and long-lasting comfort to undernourished skin.
    Enriched with hydrating agents and  antioxidants, it helps skin combat premature signs of aging. The sensations of tightness and irritation are soothed as time goes by.

    Intensely nourished, very dry, sensitive and damaged skin quickly recovers its balance, softness and resilience.

  • Yonka Guarana Scrub Exfoliant – 1.7 oz.

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    Triple action instant radiance scrub: purifies, polishes, and invigorates. This exfoliating cream gently cleanses and unclogs the epidermis: delicately polished as a result of two by the complementary association of micro-beads in various sizes (guarana and organic brown rice), softened by a cocktail of plant extracts with soothing virtues, skin feels smooth and silky, its texture is refined. Clean, fresh, radiant, your skin appears able to “breathe” again.

  • Yonka Phyto 58 PS Regenerating Invigorating Cream Normal To Dry Skin – 1.38 oz

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    YonKa Phyto 58 revives your skin for a brighter and healthier glow. Sunflower oil, rich in antioxidants, delays premature aging. Lavender, cypress and rosemary oils moisturize and boost circulation. Vitamin E helps the skin to retain its natural moisture to prevent dryness. Lactic acid gently dissolves dead skin cells to restore the skin’s youthful appearance.

  • Yonka Alpha Contour Eyes – Lips – 0.53 oz.

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    YonKa Alpha-Contour replenishes moisture and minimizes the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles. Bilberry extract provides antioxidant protection and strengthens the skin’s barrier to help maintain its elasticity and suppleness. Sodium hyaluronate helps the skin to retain moisture, plumping fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Yonka Sensitive Skin Cream – 1.72 oz

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    Key Benefits:

    • Calming
    • Comforting
    • De-sensitizing
    • Repairs
    • Regenerates
    • Fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, organic and certified cruelty-free
  • Yonka Hydra No1 Serum Long-Lasting Hydration Booster – 1 oz

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    • An intensely hydrating face serum for very dehydrated skin
    • Features a creamy & refreshing gel texture
    • Contains hyaluronic acid, imperata cylindrica, aloe vera & vegetable glycerin
    • Provides instant & long-lasting hydration
    • Blended with essential oils of rose, chamomile & jasmine
    • Provides balancing & relaxing phyto-aromatic effects
    • Loaded with Vitamins E, C & A for anti-oxidant & regenerating benefits
    • Unveils a softer, smoother, plumper, brighter & younger looking complexion
  • Yonka Creme PG Purifying Mattifying – 1.68 oz.

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    YonKa Creme PG hydrates, softens and refines oily, acne-prone skin. Burdock root extract heals and prevents blemishes. Citric acid brightens the skin while lavender oil soothes and relieves inflammation.The cream also works as a makeup primer for an even foundation application.

  • iLift Eye Wrinkle Serum For Fine Lines, Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles [ Value Of $72 ]

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    • This Eye Serum Address the 3 major eye concerns — puffiness, dark circles & wrinkles — with 1 hard-working serum that’s clinically proven to visibly rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye.
  • Yonka Hydra No1 Masque Intense Hydration Repairing – 1.8 oz

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    This anti-aging gel-cream mask with its delicate natural scent of flowers delivers both immediate and continuous, intensive hydration to the upper layers of the skin.

    • reduces the appearance of fine lines and softens the skin’s surface,
    • tones and leaves the skin softer,
    • protects from environmental assaults,
    • nourishes and soothes the skin.
  • Yonka Phyto 58 PNG Regenerating Invigorating Cream Normal To Oily Skin -1.38oz.

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    YonKa Phyto 58 revives your skin for a brighter and healthier glow. Sunflower oil, rich in antioxidants, delays premature aging for younger-looking skin. Lavender, cypress and rosemary oils moisturize and boost circulation and balance excess oil production. Vitamin E helps the skin to retain its natural moisture to prevent dryness.

  • Yonka Nutri Plus Nutri-Energizing Oil – 0.51oz

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    • Add a boost to your usual cream to nourish dry, damaged skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles
    • This ultra-energetic oil nourishes and revitalizes all skin types and ages that are weakened
    • The skin lights up, recovering its suppleness, tone, and vitality
    • A combination of 5 essential oils
  • Yonka Sensitive Mask – 1.74 oz

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    Key Benefits:

    • Calms
    • Soothes
    • Reduces redness
    • Nourishes
    • Regenerates
  • Yonka Lift+ Booster – 15ml

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    Enliven aging skin with this firming concentrate that is packed with 20 plant extracts. Formally known as Galbol 90, this non-greasy hydrating fluid boosts the effects of your usual Yon-Ka moisturizer to promote healthy skin tone and tighten facial contours.

    • Reenergizes the skin.
    • Visibly smoothes.
    • Firms and redefines the shape of the face and neck.
    • Lifts facial contours.
    • Moisturizes.
  • Yonka Nettoyant Cleansing Creme – 3.52 oz

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    YonKa Nettoyant Creme Cleanser cleans, softens and refreshes the skin while removing makeup. Citric acid brightens your complexion to even out discoloration. Mineral oil conditions dry skin and also prevents moisture loss.

  • Yonka Lait Apres Soleil Soothing-Repairing After Sun Milk – 5.26 oz

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    Yon-Ka Solar Care Soothing Repairing After-Sun Milk bring relief to red, inflamed and irritated skin. Cucumber extract and milk proteins hydrate and fortify for a smoother appearance. Calendula promotes cell regeneration and helps heal sunburns, irritation and rashes.

  • Yonka Creme 93 Balancing – 1.7 oz

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    Yon-Ka Creme 93 revitalizes and refreshes the skin for a smoother complexion. Thyme oil tightens the skin to minimize the appearance of large pores. Citric acid and lime oil brighten and tone the skin. Ylang ylang oil controls excess oil on the forehead, nose and chin.

  • Yonka Excellence Code Masque – 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

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    • Anti-aging masque
    • Instantly lifts tired skin
    • Plumps and refines
    • Leaves skin looking brighter and fresh immediately
  • Yonka Huile Detox Nourishing Dry Oil – 3.38oz

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    1. Detoxifies skin
    2. Contains essential oils
    3. Invigorates the complexion
  • Yonka Essential White Correcteur Cible – 0.36 oz

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    YonKa Essential White Correcteur Cible is a targeted treatment for dark spots on the skin. It is ultra-concentrated in whitening and anti-discoloration ingredients. This treatment regulates both melanin production and natural transference of dark pigment to skin cells. With continued use, discoloration is less noticeable, less extensive and faded.

    YonKa Essential White Correcteur Cible is a suitable choice for those with hyperpigmented skin, but can be used by all skin types. The corrector can also be used on any area concerned with dark spots. Over time, the complexion will recover its evenness and brightness.

  • Yonka Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift Smoothing Firming Gel – Neck, Decollete & Bust – 1.69 fl. oz

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    YonKa Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift hydrates, lifts and tones to improve the appearance of sagging skin. Hibiscus peptides provide firming effects. Marine collagen repairs and keeps the skin supple. Soy peptides protect and fortify the skin.

  • YonKa SOS Spot Roll-On Blemish Treatment – 0.24 fl oz

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    Treat Blemishes At Home Or On-The-Go

    Key Features:

    • Stainless steel rollerball helps prevent bacteria transfer
    • Calms and promotes healing with calendula
    • Fades the look of redness and acne scarring
  • YonKa Booster – DEFENSE + Antioxidant Booster – 0.51 fl oz / 15m

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    • ENHANCE SKINCARE RESULTS: Say no to free radicals that weaken the skin and accelerate aging with this protective concentrate that boosts the effects of your usual Yon-Ka moisturizer to enhance skin‚ resistance to external aggressors. Reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier for more radiant, beautiful skin with reduced signs of aging.
    • PROMOTE SKIN HEALTH : Infused with our proprietary Yon-ka Quintessence. Features a blend of of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme. Cold-pressed olive oil and pumpkin seed extract are rich in skin-replenishing proteins. Refines the look of pores and helps balance skin’s pH.
    • COMPLIMENT SKINCARE WITH BOOSTERS : Yon-Ka Boosters are not serums. A booster is added to a moisturizer to boost it’s function or give it a complimentary action. It can provide an instant boost for any age or skin type.
    • HOW TO USE : In the morning and/or evening for one month, after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, add a few drops of the concentrate to your usual cream, then apply to the face and neck.
    • PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE – Yon-Ka Paris is a French, Phyto-aromatic skincare line. Our philosophy is rooted in science, aromatherapy and plant cell actives. At Yon-Ka, our priority is to provide visible and lasting results in an effective manner for dermatological issues and aging.
  • Yonka Essential White Creme Lumiere – 1.73 oz

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    YonKa Essential White Creme Lumiere is a daily treatment that brightens the skin, fighting dullness and dark spots on the complexion. It corrects existing dark spots while prevents new pigmentation from developing. The skin is moisturized for a smoother, more comforted feel. The ground-breaking formula features a patented and extremely efficient active ingredient, time-defying Vitamin C, which deeply controls the melanogenesis (or the production of melanin) process. In just a few weeks, the complexion is unified as discoloration is drastically reduced.

    YonKa Essential White Creme Lumiere is an ideal moisturizer for uneven and dull complexion and those of all skin types with hyperpigmentation. This powerful formula protects the skin, giving it a chance to glow with a reinvigorated luminosity that is balanced and youthful.

  • Yonka Essential White Clarte – 1.01 oz

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    Yon-Ka Essential White Solution Clarte is a serum that works to brighten while evening the tone and texture of the skin. It gently exfoliates and dissolves dull, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to reveal the smooth, fresh, luminous skin beneath. It soothes and hydrates the skin’s deeper cells. This serum reduces the appearance of dark spots while controlling the production of melanin to avoid future pigmentation as well.

    Yon-Ka Essential White Solution Clarte is for those with dull and uneven complexions; it is ideal treating hyperpigmenation on all skin types. It protects the skin from free radical damage with apple extract; free radicals can cause the formation of pigmentation. The skin will look fresh and bright; firm and smooth within days.

  • Yonka Paris Creme Mains Comforting Hand Cream – 1.7 oz

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    YonKa Creme Mains Repairing Comforting Hand Cream nourishes and protects dry or dehydrated hands. Improve the appearance of hands, nails, and cuticles using this reparative hand cream formulated with vitamins A, C and E. Shea butter and grape seed oil deeply hydrate skin as this cream softens rough skin.

  • Sale! Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Hydrating Facial Serum

    Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Facial Serum with Vitamin C By OSC Organic Skin Care

    $36.00 Add to cart
    1. Easy, lightweight hydration. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture to plump, soothe, and support elasticity — for silky, smooth skin.
    2. Improves the feel of the skin’s texture by decreasing the appearance of dry skin.
    3. Diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.



  • Yonka Huile Delicieuse – 100ml/3.4 fl oz

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    1. Contains essential oils
    2. Nourishes skin and hair
    3. Nourishes damaged ends
  • Yonka Vitamin C Serum C20 – 1.01 FL oz

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    Key features:

    • Fades the look of dark spots
    • Made with a highly stable and potent form of vitamin C called ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate
    • Yon-Ka Quintessence, made of lavender, rosemary, geranium, thyme and cypress essential oils, provide a sensorial experience while helping active ingredients penetrate deeper into skin
    • Oil-based formula won’t darken or oxidize after opening
  • Skin Lightening Serum – Dark Spot Corrector For Face & Body – 1oz

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    • Natural and effective lightening–Our powerful yet natural Lightening Serum formula works deeply in the skin to lighten and reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, scars, discoloration, melasma, and uneven tones on the face and body.
    • Targets Different Types of Spots–This dark spot corrector serum does an excellent job of addressing different types of spots, from those that are usually dark and clear to those that are small, blurry, and spread all over the face. The texture soaks in quickly, doesn’t feel sticky, and leaves skin looking beautiful, clear, and bright.
    • This daily treatment helps reduce the look of dark spots and acne scars makes the skin brighter and evens out the skin tone. The luxurious formula helps the skin get rid of dark spots and improves the health of the skin barrier with regular use.
  • YonKa Lait Hydratant Vitality Hydrating Revitalizing Body Milk – 7.07 fl oz

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    Hydrate, soften, and repair skin with YonKa Lait Hydratant Vitality.

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