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Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Cleansing

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Beauty Xpress

  • Dr Grandel Beauty Xpress The Ampoule Concentrate of active ingredients with a “soft-focus-effect”. Your skin gets vitalized, moisturized, smoothened and firmed. A refreshing burst of energy with a “wow-effect”. A wedding, a date or another important special event? The vial should be your first choice. The impressive immediate effect guarantees a fresh and radiantly beautiful…

  • Waterproof concealer stick with anti-aging effect The Concealer adapts to any skin tone and gives a natural fresh look to your skin. It conceales unevennesses and darkened eye circles. It is waterproof, has a gently cooling effect and gives a freshness effect.

  • Light fluid which conceales lines, wrinkels and skin unevennesses The Illuminator instantly makes your skin beautifully shine. Small skin unevennesses are concealed by light-reflecting pigments. The velvety texture of the fluid adapts to any skin tone.

  • Dr Grandel Beauty Xpress The Ampoule Concentrate of active ingredients with a "soft-focus-effect". Your skin gets vitalized, moisturized, smoothened and firmed. A refreshing burst of energy with a "wow-effect". A wedding, a date or another important special event? The vial should be your first choice. The impressive immediate effect guarantees a fresh and radiantly beautiful…

  • Dr. Grandel Beauty Xpress Reload takes care of hiding your stress. This facial cream vitalizes and stimulates your skin, provides it with long-lasting moisture and protects it from premature ageing. Immediately after application your skin appears well taken care of and fresh.

  • Dr. Grandel Beauty Xpress Optimize Innovative active ingredients give your skin a radiantly healthy and fresh appearance. Reduces glossiness and refines your complexion. A very light texture promotes fast absorption, and you will immediately feel the freshness of your skin accompanied by a pleasant floral aroma.

  • Dr. Grandel Beauty Xpress Moisturizer this care cream is absorbed quickly and leaves a subtle flowery fragrance on your skin. It moisturizes immediately and intensively, and "cushions" early dryness wrinkles. It also enhances your skin's resistance, and relaxing active ingredients have a calming anti-stress effect.

  • Dr. Grandel Beauty Xpress Eye Contour Innovative active ingredients in eye-contour cream simply beautify your eye area. Small lines and wrinkles are smoothened immediately, and the area around your eyes is vitalized and strengthened. Awakens even tired looking eyes! And with the convenient roller-tube the use of eye-contour is very easy to apply. Tip: If…

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Beautygen

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Elements of Nature

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Eye Care

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Hydro Active

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Protect

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Hydro Lipid

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Timeless

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Nutri Sensation

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel PERFORMANCE 3D

  • Dr. Grandel Performance 3D Face, a 24-hour cream, ideal remedy for pronounced expression lines and wrinkles, stressed and fatigued skin, and the wrinkles and lines resulting from moisture loss. In addition to Cell Active VIP, its active ingredients include plumping myrrh extract, toning microlift, smoothing Skin Relax peptides, and three different hyaluronic acids that supply…

  • Dr. Grandel Performance 3D Ultra Lift a new generation of high-tech skin care Starting from the age of 35, the presence of hyaluronic acid in the skin deteriorates. The result is a loss of resilience and the appearance of fine lines. In addition, recurrent facial mannerisms and stress affect the skin. PERFORMANCE 3D from DR.…

  • Dr. Grandel Performance 3D Eye is based with hyaluronic acid and myrrh extract. This modern eye cream declares war on the signs of aging and fatigue. It minimizes lines and wrinkles caused by stress, moisture loss, and facial expressions, significantly reduces dark circles and swelling under the eyes. Light-refracting pigments enhance the complexion's natural radiance…

  • Dr. Grandel Performance 3D Even Skin a new generation of high-tech skin care Starting from the age of 35, the presence of hyaluronic acid in the skin deteriorates. The result is a loss of resilience and the appearance of fine lines. In addition, recurrent facial mannerisms and stress affect the skin. PERFORMANCE 3D from DR.…

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Phyto Care

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Sensitive Balance

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Ultra Sensitive

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Puriface

Dr. Grandel - Dr Grandel Specials

  • Enzyme peeling in powder form Gentle enzyme peeling for a refined complexion

  • The Winter Wellness Ampoules from DR. GRANDEL take care of skin that's stressed by the winter. A vegetable-based complex of active ingredients including balloon plant extract restores the skin's harmony and strengthens its natural protective functions. The ice-blue active ingredient ampoule strengthens skin particularly during the colder months of the year and makes sure it stays soft…

  • Augsburg. Cold, wind and dry air from central heating are not exactly the friendliest companions to help delicate skin survive the coldest season without damage.

  • Smart protection against UV radiation. Special serum vial with kapátkem.Lehká non-greasy texture that effectively protects the skin from harmful UV rays with SPF 30 may be incorporated into any skin care, whether protective, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, or regenerační.Lze use in summer and winter. Vitamin E helps maintain the moisture of the skin, has anti-inflammatory…

  • Brightening Anti-pigment concentrate Active White Complex with more even, brightened complexion and younger-acting. It starts with a small freckle. The freckles multiply, band together, and suddenly there's this great pigment spot, clearly visible in the middle of the back of the hand or face. , you can apply a layer of camouflage cream, or you…

  • Perfect complexion, perfect maintained, optimally protected A 6-fold multi-talent: calms and soothes redness and blemishes covered with smooth hue blemishes from conceals lines and wrinkles refines and smoothes the skin Protection against light-induced skin damage (SPF 20) stimulates cell renewal and hydrate.

  • Dr. Grandel Couperose Expert Concentrate is applied onto the skin either on a large area or partially to the couperose and redness-prone areas. Extracts from purple algae reinforce the skin‘s blood vessels. A copper-peptide complex reinforces the collagenous and elastine fibers. The skin‘s natural barrier is improved, redness and irritations are reduced. Special bio-tech enzymes…

  • COUPEROSE EXPERT Cream reinforces the skin‘s blood vessels and connective tissue by means of a purpur algae extract. A copper-peptide complex regenerates and enhances stabilization of the skin barrier. Pearly shimmering green pigments optically reduce redness. An even skin appearance is obtained.

  • Combats the stresses of everyday life – an invisible protective glove for well cared for, soft, young hands. The delicate anti-age hand cream protects, regenerates and smoothes with a natural complex of active ingredients made from indigenous wild flowers such as gentian, alpine rose, arnica, centaurium and more.

  • The peeling with peel index 20 is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It refines, balances and regenerates the skin while minimizing lines and minor irregularities for a fresher and younger-looking complexion. To achieve the optimal rejuvenating effect, follow a daily regimen of DR. GRANDEL Alpha Effect AHA-Peeling for 28 days, corresponding to…

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Active Concentrate Ampoules

  • This ampoule tops up moisture stores overnight and powers up the skin's regeneration program to maximum. The clever active ingredient mix of depot hyaluron, synthesis booster and precious botanic lipids makes skin look fresh, plumped and youthful in the morning – after a beautiful night's sleep!

  • This ampoule gives the skin that long-awaited freshness boost in a flash. The ampoule contains "Micro-Hyaluron", which spreads its moisturizing potential into the deepest layers of the skin, instantly producing a fine, glowing, plumped complexion.

  • for a youthful, firmed facial contour

  • for a smooth, even, matted-looking skin

  • Ampoule of fruit stem cells The ampoule Cell Repair stimulates the regenerative powers of the skin and protects against light-induced aging. Leaves the skin visibly smoother and more radiant look.

  • Concentrate with "push-up effect" Description of the ampoule Contour Lift by Dr. Grandel: Provides smoothing and firming care Promotes elastin synthesis Creates an immediate ‘lift’ effect Enhances facial contours with long-lasting results Delivers a visible ‘push-up’ effect Contour Lift firming and smoothing the contours are strengthened. For an immediate lifting effect .

  • best anti aging treatments best anti wrinkle serum skin tightening cream face natural anti aging product elieves skin roughness roven to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles Formulated with a plant-source alternative to animal-source collagen The DR GRANDEL Collagran ampoule is a concentrate for intensive care of demanding skin. Collagran with carrot extract…

  • Intensive care concentrate with 'wrinkle fillers' effect Firming and smoothing Provides immediate firming and smoothing benefits Delivers intense, long-lasting hydration Plumps up even pronounced dry lines Leaves skin looking plump and fresh Even pronounced dryness lines specifically padded from the inside and significantly alleviated.

  • Ampoule evenly for smooth skin Active concentrate for an evenly smooth skin Description of GRANDEL Beauty Flash ampoule: Visibly refines pores Reduces redness Fades pigmentation Promotes a smooth, even skin texture GRANDEL Beauty Flash refines pores and reduces redness. For a perfect complexion.

  • Revitalizing ampoule containing oxygen Revitalizing concentrate with oxygen. With oxygen for vital looking skin Activates skin metabolism to strengthen skin’s natural defences Boosts skin hydration Provides an instant sensation of freshness Adds vitality and radiance to the skin The snow-white liquid of DR GRANDEL Oxygen O2 ampoule activates the metabolic functions of the skin and…

  • Soothing, moisturizing ampoule Soothing Moisture Concentrate Description of GRANDEL episomes ampoule: For any type of skin that shows signs of dehydration Helps skin to maintain its resilience and freshness Formulated to soothe and balance skin Leaves skin feeling soft and supple The episomes vial of Dr. Grandel is a soothing moisture concentrate that is wonderful…

  • Wrinkle smoothing Attenuating wrinkles ampoule Active concentrate against the signs of the times Reduces even pronounced lines Stimulates skin cell growth Its mild keratolytic action helps skin to look and feel soft & supple Even pronounced wrinkles with retinol-ampoule of GRANDEL visibly reduced. These nocturnal ICU reduces lines and wrinkles in your sleep.

  • Dr. Grandel Nutri Sensation Ampoule 24 X 3 ml Regenerates, Nourishes Strengthens, Firming Skin (NEW Products) Regenerates, nourishes strengthens, firming Skin Significantly enhances skin's natural process of regeneration Nourishes and strengthens the skin to give it a healthy and robust appearance Firms and defines facial contours

  • Smoothing and anti-inflammatory Smoothing ampoule, has an antiinflammatory effect and alleviates irritation and redness Soothing Anti-Inflammatory Alleviates Redness SOS for stressed skin! The appeasing complex from licorice root, horse chestnut and caffeine immediately relieves redness and irritations, while glucan regenerates and reinforces the immune defense. SOS should be found in every beauty case, it will…

  • An herbal botox equivalent Regenerates over night Active agent ampoule with lavender scent for the night, for a regenerated and even skin in the morning Regenerates over night Reduces lines and wrinkles Lavender envelops you and gives a calming effect Beauty Sleep keeps the promise given by its name: Sea mayweed regenerates, smoothes and provides…

Dr. Grandel - Dr. Grandel Mens Series

  • DAY & NIGHT CARE FLUID FOR A SMOOTH, INVIGORATED APPEARANCE Energizes skin for a fresh, vibrant glow Significantly improves the appearance of expression lines and gives skin a more youthful look Provides relief to irritated skin Leaves skin refreshed and well cared for Active Ingredients: Dragon's Blood Tree Extract, Skin Relax Peptides, Light-refracting Pigments, Caffeine…

  • Dr. Grandel Men Moisture Balm is a 24-hour skin care balm designed to: - Minimize the wrinkles of drier male skin - Prevent premature aging - Strengthen the skin's natural defenses with active cell protective ingredients - Alleviate and sooth redness - Fresh, masculine scent - Ideal for use after shaving

  • Dr. Grandel Men Matt IQ has an innovative Intelligent Sebum Balancer formulated to: - recognize the specific needs of combination skin - reduce oily shine in the T-zone without causing a drying feeling in the cheek area - gives an even, well cared for complexion - doubles as a great after shave.