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  • Dr. Grandel Perfection AP Anti-Pigment Concentrate – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    Brightening Anti-pigment concentrate Active White Complex with more even, brightened complexion and younger-acting. It starts with a small freckle. The freckles multiply, band together, and suddenly there’s this great pigment spot, clearly visible in the middle of the back of the hand or face. , you can apply a layer of camouflage cream, or you can wear our pleasant-smelling fluid on. The new Anti-Pigment Concentrate from GRANDEL reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots and preventing the formation of another . The contained therein Active White Complex ensures a smoother, younger looking complexion brightened and spotless. The practical Anti-Pigment Concentrate contains no anti-aging ingredients and can therefore be combined with any skin care cream. This Perfection Anti-Pigmentation CONCENTRATE (For a maximum result) day & night care counterbalances over-pigmentation while simultaneously preventing appearance of new pigmentation spots. This Concentrate formula reduces the production of melanin, thus promoting a bright and luminous look.

  • Dr. Grandel Specials Uv Protection SPF 50 Serum – 50 Ml

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    Smart protection against UV radiation. Special serum vial with kapátkem.Lehká non-greasy texture that effectively protects the skin from harmful UV rays with SPF 30 may be incorporated into any skin care, whether protective, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, or regenerační.Lze use in summer and winter. Vitamin E helps maintain the moisture of the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties and acts against free radicals. Contains panthenol which soothes the skin and supports its natural regeneration process. The active ingredients : Vitamin E Panthenol SPF 30 Application: Apply 1-3 pipette contents to the face, neck and décolleté whenever it is necessary to protect the skin from solar radiation. The serum may be used as part of the daily treatment of the cream, makeup or even ně.Je If necessary, repeat the application several times a day to maintain the desired level of protection, especially after swimming in the water.

  • Dr. Grandel Perfection BB All-in-one Beauty Balm – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    Perfect complexion, perfect maintained, optimally protected A 6-fold multi-talent: calms and soothes redness and blemishes covered with smooth hue blemishes from conceals lines and wrinkles refines and smoothes the skin Protection against light-induced skin damage (SPF 20) stimulates cell renewal and hydrate.

  • Dr. Grandel Couperose Expert Cream – 50ml

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    COUPEROSE EXPERT Cream reinforces the skin‘s blood vessels and connective tissue by means of a purpur algae extract. A copper-peptide complex regenerates and enhances stabilization of the skin barrier. Pearly shimmering green pigments optically reduce redness. An even skin appearance is obtained.

  • Dr. Grandel Couperose Expert Concentrate – 50ml

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    Dr. Grandel Couperose Expert Concentrate is applied onto the skin either on a large area or partially to the couperose and redness-prone areas. Extracts from purple algae reinforce the skin‘s blood vessels. A copper-peptide complex reinforces the collagenous and elastine fibers. The skin‘s natural barrier is improved, redness and irritations are reduced. Special bio-tech enzymes have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce infrared-induced damage.

  • Dr. Grandel Winter Wellness Ampoules 3 Pack – 0.1ml

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    The Winter Wellness Ampoules from DR. GRANDEL take care of skin that’s stressed by the winter. A vegetable-based complex of active ingredients including balloon plant extract restores the skin’s harmony and strengthens its natural protective functions. The ice-blue active ingredient ampoule strengthens skin particularly during the colder months of the year and makes sure it stays soft and supple.

  • Dr. Grandel Sun Protection UV50 Serum – 1.7oz

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    Intelligent UV protection with SPF 50 – the light, non-greasy and quickly absorbed serum can be applied under or over the usual care and protects against UV A and UV B radiation. Depending on the desired application, it is applied to the skin exposed to light approximately 30 minutes before planned outdoor activities; this is repeated several times as needed to maintain UV protection – especially after a stay in the water.

  • Dr. Grandel Pro Collagen Cream – 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

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    The gentle cream smoothes the skin and gives it a fresh, supple appearance. Special peptides smooth the skin’s texture and reduce the quantity and depth of lines and wrinkles – including expression lines. At the same time, they minimize the breakdown of collagen fibers and provide more elasticity. Pseudo Collagen, a collagen equivalent that is bio-technologically obtained from yeast, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. The intelligent ‘PRO COLLAGEN Code’ boosts collagen synthesis and protects against skin aging by external stress factors.

  • Dr. Grandel Perfection White Cream – 50ml

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    Brightening cream for even, brighter skin

    Active White Complex and Vitamin C create an even and brighter skin tone

  • Dr. Grandel Pro Collagen Concentrate – 30 ml / 1 fl oz

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    The intelligent ‘PRO COLLAGEN Code’ stimulates the regeneration of the collagen matrix and nourishes the skin, restoring its elasticity and firmness. The active ingredient concentrate intensively moisturizes with Micro Hyaluron, smoothes the skin and instantly reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

  • Dr. Grandel Alpha Effect AHA-Peeling Index 20 – 1oz

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    The peeling with peel index 20 is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It refines, balances and regenerates the skin while minimizing lines and minor irregularities for a fresher and younger-looking complexion. To achieve the optimal rejuvenating effect, follow a daily regimen of DR. GRANDEL Alpha Effect AHA-Peeling for 28 days, corresponding to the skin’s regeneration cycle. The DR. GRANDEL Alpha Effect AHA-Peeling beauty regimen can be repeated 3 to 4 times per year. Clinically tested!

  • Dr. Grandel Winter Creme – 75ml

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    Augsburg. Cold, wind and dry air from central heating are not exactly the friendliest companions to help delicate skin survive the coldest season without damage.

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