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  • DAY & NIGHT CARE FLUID FOR A SMOOTH, INVIGORATED APPEARANCE Energizes skin for a fresh, vibrant glow Significantly improves the appearance of expression lines and gives skin a more youthful look Provides relief to irritated skin Leaves skin refreshed and well cared for Active Ingredients: Dragon's Blood Tree Extract, Skin Relax Peptides, Light-refracting Pigments, Caffeine…

  • Dr. Grandel Men Moisture Balm is a 24-hour skin care balm designed to: - Minimize the wrinkles of drier male skin - Prevent premature aging - Strengthen the skin's natural defenses with active cell protective ingredients - Alleviate and sooth redness - Fresh, masculine scent - Ideal for use after shaving

  • Dr. Grandel Men Matt IQ has an innovative Intelligent Sebum Balancer formulated to: - recognize the specific needs of combination skin - reduce oily shine in the T-zone without causing a drying feeling in the cheek area - gives an even, well cared for complexion - doubles as a great after shave.