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  • Gehwol Hand Cream – 2.6 oz

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    The quickly absorbed, non-sticky, moistening cream will protect the hands all around with the regular application.

  • Gehwol Special Preparation Foot Cream

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    GEHWOL Footcream has been known since 1882 and with its proven basis has only been adjusted to the current scientific knowledge. The cream prevents aching feet, blisters, excoriations and soreness. The anti-inflammatory effect prevents infections, brings the perspiration back to a normal level, and eliminates foot odor, intertrigo, and other side effects of excessive perspiration.

  • Gehwol Special Preparations Nail Care

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    GERLAN Nail care contains a high amount of what germ oil with vitamin E and active ingredients from the essential oil of chamomile. It stimulates the nail growth and gives flexibility to broken and torn nails. The active ingredients Bisabolol and undecylenic acid monoethanolamide support the treatment of fungal infections.

  • Gehwol Special Preparations Rosemary Bath Salt

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    A bath with GEHWOL Bath Salts cleanses softly and thoroughly, stimulates the circulation, revitalizes and strengthens the skin with the natural power of the oil of rosemary. The soothing substances are deeply absorbed into the pores and prevent excessive perspiration and odor.

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