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  • Phyris Cell Lift – 50ml

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    The Sweet Almond Lift Complex tightens the skin and makes lines and wrinkles disappear. The immediate formation of a soft film on top of the skin has an instant lifting effect, minimizing lines and wrinkles. The oil of the Marula Fruit is very rich in Vitamin C. The skin’s immune system and collagen synthesis become stronger.

  • Phyris Cell Refill – 50ml

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    The creamy 24-hour care Phyris Cell Refill activates cell regeneration by stimulating the basal cells and supports the regeneration of elastin fibers. Phyris Cell Refill balances out hormonally related undernourishment of the skin and thus improves the skin’s thickness and firmness. The long-lasting effect of this cream is a smooth skin with improved skin density.

  • Phyris Décolleté – 50ml

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    This firming cream for neck and decollete minimizes visibly fine lines caused by dryness and creases and additionally combats loss of elasticity.

  • Phyris Line Filler – 15ml

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    This high concentration stem cell serum gives the skin firmness, density while reducing the depth of wrinkles in a vivisible way (85% of the respondents affirm to notice a clear improvement in the firmness of the oval).

  • Phyris Perfect Age Eye & Lip – 15ml

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    This firming and smoothing eye care is a silky soft cream that minimizes lines and offers a shimmering glow to the eye area.

    Perfect Age Eye and Lip immediately and long lastingly reduces lines and wrinkles caused by mimic. Additionally it prevents the premature appearance of expression wrinkles. Silk Proteins have a calming effect and leave skin feeling pleasant. For a young and fresh appearance with firm, bright eye and lip areas.

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