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  • ilike Organics Yarrow Oil – 1.2 fl. oz.

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    ilike Yarrow Oil contains antioxidants and trace elements to calm and renew sensitive, rosacea, scaly seborrhea, oil- and water-deficient skin. It reinvigorates, reinforces the keratin layer and stabilizes androgen hormone activity. Additionally, ilike Yarrow Oil has a healing effect on blood vessels and arteries by successfully breaking up cholesterol. It is extremely helpful to boost moisturizers in the wintertime when skin becomes more oil deficient for many people.

  • ilike Organics Calendula Oil – 1.2 fl. oz.

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    ilike Calendula Oil is a lightweight herbal concentrate that renews and delivers vitamins to water- and oil-deficient skin. Because it has a high level of calendula, it aids in reconstructing damaged keratin layers and mending skin problems. Enhance your hydrating cream with 1-2 drops of ilike Calendula Oil for a smooth, vibrant complexion.

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