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ilike Linden And Marigold Rich Moisturizer – 1.7 fl. oz.

ilike Linden And Marigold Rich Moisturizer – 1.7 fl. oz.


Ilike Organic Skin Care Linden and Marigold Rejuvenating Treatment revitalizes, smooths and treats skin with sunburns, wrinkles, dryness and stretchmarks. Marigold provides anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits to heal and soothe the skin. Linden flower supplies the skin with powerful antioxidants to maintain and protect it for a younger-looking appearance.

ilike Linden And Marigold Rich Moisturizer

Skin Type: Dry/Mature.

ilike Linden And Marigold Rich Moisturizer Description:
It’s important to use a luxurious hydrator such as ilike Linden & Marigold Rejuvenating Treatment during the winter as an intense vitamin mask. It renews, nurtures, smoothes, and renews. It’s perfect for mature skin with high water and oil-deficiencies.

ilike Linden And Marigold Rich Moisturizer Features & Benefits:

  • Certified organic ingredients (BDIH, EcoCert partner Biokontroll and EU decree certifictates).
  • Revitalizes.
  • Regenerates.
  • Smoothes.
  • Transports vitamins.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.

How To Use ilike Linden And Marigold Rich Moisturizer:
Put a thick coat of ilike Linden & Marigold Rejuvenating Treatment as a nurturing mask on your whole face and neck after you clean and tone the skin. As a moisturizer, use a thin layer and enhance it with an ilike serum or oil concentrate for a more vibrant complexion. This is a very heavy cream for those with high oil- and water- deficiencies. This product should be used as a last step in your morning and evening routine or however else directed. Most skin types may use this as a night cream as it helps decrease fine lines around the eyes, helps build elasticity and prevents stretch marks (like during pregnancy).

ilike Linden And Marigold Rich Moisturizer Ingredients:
Linden Blossom, Marigold (Calendula), Corn Germ Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Carotenoids, Vitamin C and E.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alex Friend
Very nourishing!

I've been using iLike Linden & Marigold moisturizer for years and love it. When I lived in a dry climate, I used it twice a day. Now that I live in a humid climate, it is the best night cream. Leaves your skin feeling plump and healthy.

Bonnie Medlin
Love this moisturizer

Very emollient! I use it every night and my face looks great in the morning! I love all the Ilike products!


Great product. Quick delivery!

Jessie Fairbanks

I love this cream. Super moisturizing and I love the smell. Product is expensive but I really like it. They probably have other products out there that are less expensive, but I like this brand.

wendy ward

One of my favorites for the winter season. This is a rich, moisturizer to protect your skin keeping it supple. Love the soft fragrance.