Dr. Schrammek Perfect Skin Peeling – 50ml


This creamy facial peeling gently frees the skin from excessive sebum and dead skin cells. Refines and vitalises the complexion. Without mineral oils.


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Dr. Schrammek Perfect Skin Peeling

Gently removes calluses and excess sebum
Enables skin to more quickly absorb follow-up products
The complexion is finer
The complexion looks clear and beautiful
Follow-up skincare products can be optimally absorbed
Also suitable for sensitive skin
Leaves skin feeling soft and supple

Usage Instructions for Dr. Schrammek Perfect Skin Peeling

Apply a generous amount to freshly-cleansed skin with moistened fingers, massage in with circular motions, after a few minutes rinse off with lots of lukewarm water. Use 1 – 2 times a week.TIP:For salon treatments: use the Frimator to intensify the effects

Dr. Schrammek Perfect Skin Peeling Active Ingredients

Jojoba wax beads


50ml tube