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Dr. Schrammek Gel Super Purifiant – 50ml

Dr. Schrammek Gel Super Purifiant – 50ml


For intensifying daily cleansing. Emulsify the refreshing gel with water and let allow taking effect shortly. Then remove with water. Clears and soothes redenned skin. The cooling texture with panthenol and aloe vera refreshes and calms the skin. Free of parabens.

Dr. Schrammek Gel Super Purifiant

Diminishes redness
Has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect
Antibacterial effects on skin impurities
Combats skin impurities and prevents new ones from forming
Ideal for use after a facial, has hygienic properties
Easy to measure thanks to pump-dispenser
Has a refreshing, cooling, clarifying and calming effect on the skin
Optimal preparation for shaving for men/ prevents ingrown hairs
Ideal for use before epilation for avoiding inflammations
A little goes a long way

Usage Instructions for Dr. Schrammek Gel Super Purifiant

After cleansing, emulsify a daub of gel with water and evenly distribute over the skin,
allow to take effect for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off with lots of lukewarm water.TIP: In the salon booth: Use before and after facials, for toning the skin
before epilation, prevents inflammation/ irritations.

Dr. Schrammek Gel Super Purifiant Active Ingredients:

Peppermint oil


30ml dispenser


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