Guinot Douche Cream Hydrazone Moisturizing Shower Cream – 5.0 oz


Deeply moisturizing and cleansing all at once, the Guinot Hydrazone Shower Cream offers must-have ingredients for your skin’s every need. Rather than stripping the skin and contributing to dryness like so many shower creams do, this one offers a deeply nourishing cleanse and envelopes your skin with soothing moisture.

Suitable for all skin types, from dry to sensitive, and ensuring the deepest, luxurious cleanse through its silky liquid texture and building to an even coat through your exposed skin, it delicately rids your body of environmental elements like dust, dirt and sweat, and enhances your skin’s texture to an overall smooth complexion through daily use. Its light fragrance leaves skin with a fresh, truly clean scent and well-nourished right when you step out of the shower. Easy to use with a standing tube design and snap-lid application, it’s your new shower essential for years to come.

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