Organic Skin Care for Babies

organic skin care for babies

Babies have remarkably sensitive skin, and it’s our job to care for them. Fortunately, organic skin care for babies doesn’t need to be complicated. A few simple products and procedures can help our baby’s skin thrive throughout infancy. After all, caring for our little ones is what we do.

To that end, we’ve compiled our favorite organic skin care for babies products and tips. We love these products for keeping our little ones comfortable. Irritated skin hurts, and we don’t want that.

General Organic Skin Care for Babies Considerations

Baby skin is incredibly sensitive, as in magnitudes more so than adults. Therefore, our babies need exceedingly gentle products. Otherwise, we’re causing discomfort. Since our little ones all have great lungs to cry with, pain is the last thing we want.

Generally, products formulated for babies are the only things we should use on babies. We also had to find fragrance free and tear-free variations for some products. Additionally, we made sure everything that came in contact with our little one’s skin was fragrance-, dye-, and chemical-free as possible. That included altering what we used for laundry, as an example.

Bath Time

Bath time is one of the many rituals involved in caring for an infant. It’s important to note that baths are not a daily requirement, but maintaining cleanliness is. If we clean up our baby, including all the folds, baths can be every other day event. This spacing can also help with dry skin.


Bath time with infants typically means soaps and shampoos end up everywhere. Unfortunately, this includes the most sensitive parts of our baby, such as the eyes. Therefore, it’s best to choose a soap that’s as gentle as possible. Typically, this includes tear-free infant variations. We also looked for cleansers with smaller ingredient lists.


Babies’ skin dries out even faster than adults’ skin. Therefore, moisturizers should follow any bath. Moisturizer works by trapping moisture inside the skin. Post bath is the ideal time to trap the necessary moisture for our little one. Again, using something formulated for babies is best. Either lotion or oil is a good choice.


Diapers are another major feature of infants. For our little ones, we need to change diapers as soon as they’re soiled. This part of organic skin care for babies is labor-intensive, but worth it when our little ones are comfortable and rash free.

The Diapers Themselves

One of the best things we can do to support organic skin care for babies has nothing to do with skincare products at all. Instead, finding the right diaper can significantly reduce our little’s skin issues in one of their most sensitive areas. This choice includes ensuring the right fit as the baby grows, as well as keeping the diapers as chemical-free as possible.


Baby wipes come in many varieties. However, for our babies’ sensitive skin, we like to keep it as basic as possible. Fragrance-, dye-, and added chemical-free wipes help us keep the delicate balance on the baby’s skin. Since these products need to be used often, the right product is an investment.

Diaper Cream

Diaper cream is advisable, especially if the baby has had a diaper rash before. Diaper rash is the result of friction in the diaper area from any number of causes. Using a diaper cream forms a barrier between the baby’s skin and the diaper to prevent chafing. If there is already a diaper rash, diaper cream can also help our babies heal.


Powdering a baby before putting on the new diaper is no longer a recommended step. Baby skin is sensitive, and powder can dry it out. Additionally, the powder could enter the baby’s lungs. Instead, allow the baby to go without a diaper for a few minutes, if possible. If it’s not possible, gentle pats with a clean towel work as well. We just can’t rub without causing damaging friction.

Day to Day

On a day to day basis, using organic skin care for babies is relatively straightforward. It’s like our own skin care routine without the fancy eye creams. For starters, it’s essential to cover infants up if they’re outside. Just as important is layering for quick temperature regulation.


Babies need moisturizer even between baths. At least once, but ideally twice, a day is a good number of applications for our babies. We can also work the moisturizer as a massage. We love bonding with our babies through physical touch. Massaging in the moisturizer gently does double duty since it also saves the baby’s sensitive skin.


Sunscreen is not generally tested for infants under six months old, which is why those first six months are all about covering our little ones up and keeping them out of direct sunlight. After that, we can apply sunscreen to them. However, infant sunscreen is typically mineral-based and specially formulated. We try only to use that variety.

Rash Prevention

The best way to get ahead of rashes is to keep our little ones as dry as possible. The balancing act between dry and wet does have rewards in any case. The little one may not go through the itchiness of eczema or the discomfort of diaper rash.

Wrap Up

Building an organic skin care routine for babies is daunting. We remember the feeling of a little one depending on us. However, there are two simple rules it all boils down to. The baby is best when he/she is dry, and when he/she is moisturized. Everything else is details. offers a unique variety of products suitable for newborns and infants. We carefully screen these products for suitability. We know new moms are busy, so we brought all the best products to one place.

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