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Wondering Why You Should Make The Move To Organic Skin Care?

We understand the importance of achieving your skincare and beauty goals. Maintaining your smooth skin and youthful glow is something most women are happy to invest both time and money. With all the brands and products to choose from, you might be wondering if there is any benefit to organic skin care. Here’s what you need to know.

The Toxins In Your Skin Care And Beauty Products Might Surprise You

If you have already reduced the toxic processed foods in your diet and have made the move to green cleaning products—you must not forget your skin care products. Between serums, moisturizers, hair products, body lotion, and make up the average woman puts 168 chemicals on her body each day. We must not forget that our skin is our body’s largest organ. By making the move to organic alternatives you can greatly reduce your daily toxins.

But Do Organic Skincare Products Work?

If your thinking, “that’s great but I need products that work” not to worry! Not only do organic skincare products work, but they work faster and better than even the most celebrated department store brands. Like anything, you will have to find the products that address your individual needs. This might take trying more than one product and changing products as your beauty needs change.

As the desire for organic alternatives grows even dermatologists are embracing organic. Why? Because the synthetic products that work achieve only short-term results and create long-term damage. For example, you may find that your sensitive skin recovers—but in a few months, it is worse than ever. This is because over time the toxins in synthetic products degrade your skin’s protective lipid barrier.

But My Product Is Made With Natural Ingredients

Where things get really tricky is that many skincare and beauty brands use creative marketing to make their products sound like they are natural. They may even be made with a few natural ingredients, but most are made from over 90% synthetic materials. This means you must know how to read the label. What your looking for are products made from herbal and plant extracts, plant stem cells, and essential oils. Also, for products that are organic certified. As you may already know, department store brands won’t share their ingredient list with you. This is often for proprietary purposes, but they also can’t confirm organic certification.

Organic Skincare Products Are Also A More Proactive Approach

In addition to the rapid results, you will see and feel when you make the move to organic, your new products are a more proactive approach to anti-aging. Although it’s easy to forget, nature provides everything we need to thrive. When it comes to our skin, this is the antioxidants and natural components that protect our skin from environmental toxins, repair the daily damage, soothe inflammation, and hyper-target specific beauty concerns. This proactive approach helps to erase fine lines and wrinkles and slows the rate at which you lose volume and elasticity. No signs of aging yet? Even better! Keep your skin looking it’s best with organic beauty solutions.

100% Doesn’t Have To Be The Goal

While you will find that your organic products work better, you may still have a few that you don’t want to give up. Like your favorite perfume, the hair smoothing cream you swear by, or your favorite lipstick—and that’s ok. It’s all about balance. As with all other areas of your life, try to go organic by between 70 and 90 percent. This will drastically decrease the toxins in your daily routine without giving up your favorites.

Try A Starter Set First has done the groundwork for you. Shop with the confidence that every product on our site is 100% organic. If the options feel overwhelming we have starter sets so that you can test what works for you. Remember, you aren’t just looking for products that deliver your individual beauty goals—but products that work for the season. For example, now is the time to make the switch from thicker creams moisturizers to lightweight summer alternatives. While you need UV protection all year-round, now is the time to kick your SPF up a notch.

If you have questions about any of our products don’t hesitate to ask!