Organic Skin Care Vs. Non-Organic 2

Organic Skin Care Vs. Non-Organic

We know organic skin care is vital. However, sometimes it’s difficult to help others remember how essential it is. Often, we find ourselves in a debate over whether organic skin care makes a difference. We know without a doubt that it does.

We want the world to realize the benefits of an organic skin care routine. At, we support people like you who see the value in keeping everything that goes on your skin organic.


What is Organic Skin Care?

Organic skin care involves using products with ingredients that are grown without pesticides, chemicals, and other nasty ingredients. Most of the parts are pronounceable when you read the labels since it is hard to organically derive chemical products.

Often organic products also carry the natural label since organic skincare products come from plant, mineral, or animal by-products.

What is Non-Organic Skin Care?

Non-organic skin care is also known as conventional skin care. These products often include artificial ingredients created in a lab rather than derived from nature. Generally, you can find non-organic skincare products at any store.

Why Organic Skin Care Matters

Creators of organic skincare products are usually passionate about skin care, the environment, and natural processes. These choices come through in the final products. Organic skincare products help support many vital aspects both personally and in the world around you.

Organic Skin Care Vs. Non-Organic 3

Harm Free Ingredients

If you read through an organic skincare product label, you probably recognize most of the ingredients. Often, extensive use history over decades proves these ingredients harmless for humans. Meanwhile, non-organic counterparts cannot make the same claim.

Natural Ingredients

This may seem intuitive, but one advantage of organic skin care is the natural ingredients. Those lab concoctions like synthetic fragrances that are present in non-organic products are not real, and sometimes our bodies do not know what to do with them.

Lower Allergen Risk

Organic skincare products carry a lower allergen risk as well. For one, you can read the label a lot easier to determine if there is an ingredient you’re allergic to. Then there are significantly fewer added compounds.

Overall Health

Our bodies absorb everything that we place on our skin. Unfortunately, certain synthetic compounds in non-organic skincare products are endocrine system disruptors, among other things. Using them repeatedly can cause long term health complications.


Organic skin care works better than non-organic compounds. In general, organic ingredients are easier to absorb and help skin achieve its healthiest appearance. Plus, our skin doesn’t need to repair accidental irritation from synthetic compounds.

Better for Skin

When skin doesn’t need to repair harm from non-organic skincare products, skin can use more of the ingredients to strengthen itself. The results are more luminous and healthy-looking skin for most people within a few weeks.

Cruelty-Free Skin Care

Animals are rarely used to test organic products. There is little purpose in doing so since the organic compounds and recognizable ingredients are already considered safe for people. If you’re dedicated to cruelty-free products, check out organic product options.



The environment is an enormous consideration, especially these days. Grow practices for organic ingredients reject various methods that conventional agriculture embraces. An organic ingredient is not grown with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, GMOs, and other harmful products.

This is important since all the abovementioned products produce waste and toxins. These by-products, in turn, decimate local ecosystems. We should be concerned about how our product choices affect the places humanity lives.

Determining If a Product is Organic

Organic labeling, in general, is confusing, and combining it with skincare product labeling makes the practice more confusing. Fortunately, the USDA regulates organic labeling comparatively closely.

100% Organic

This label is the gold standard if you want to use organic products. Every single ingredient and processing aid is certified organic through the whole production process. This label also means no GMOs or prohibited substances.

These packages can carry the USDA organic seal. The packaging also likely highlights the “100% Organic” prominently. Otherwise, the boxes look like regular cosmetics products.


The plain organic label is still a mighty achievement for products. The label means that the product is 95% certified organic ingredients. It still requires no GMOs or prohibited substances, as well as certification.

These packages can carry the USDA organic seal. There are no additional labeling requirements that mark that 5% non-organic material. Unless you read the packaging very carefully, you may miss it.

Made with Organic Ingredients

Made with organic ingredients is a less than ideal option. This label only requires 70% of the components to be certifiably organic. Which ingredients are organic must be specified, so you can see on the label which ones are which type.

These packages cannot carry the USDA organic seal, so the packaging looks exactly like other skincare products. The containers must still meet all standard regulations, so you should be able to determine whether you want to use these products easily.

Made with Organic X

This label is for products that use organic ingredients but are not at least 70% organic. The label must specify which parts are organic both on the package front and in the ingredients list. Generally, the organic ingredient does not outweigh the synthetic ingredients.

Wrap Up

The debate between non-organic and organic skin care is unlikely to stop soon. We can only encourage people to investigate the ingredients of what they use now. Then they can compare the side effects and benefits to decide for themselves. proudly offers a broad collection of organic skincare products to support every skin care enthusiast. We provide complete product lines to better serve everyone who wants their skin to be as healthy as possible.


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