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  • ilike Organics Grape Solutions Cleansing Milk – 8.4 oz

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    Ilike Organic Skin Care Grape Stem Cell Solutions Cleansing Milk gently removes impurities from your skin as it boosts the cellular renewal process to fight the visible signs of aging. Grape stem cells prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles while polyphenols neutralize free radicals. Organic citrus oils tone and brighten your skin and a rejuvenating complex of vitamins A, B, C, E and H nourish, condition and soothe.

  • Annemarie Borlind Rosentau Facial Toner – 5.07oz

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    Poorly moisturized skin Selected herbal extracts intensively moisturize the skin and stimulate its own moisturizing and moisture-binding abilities. Has a slightly astringent effect.

  • Annemarie Borlind NatuRoyale Biolifting Night Repair – 1.69oz

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    Highly effective anti-aging night care for cell renewal in harmony with the human biorhythm. The exclusive Biolifting complex, containing white truffle, vitalizes the skin, increases the production of elastin and assists skin regeneration during the night. Tone is restored to the skin, giving it a more youthful radiance. An active extract from the lupine stimulates the production of collagen, so assisting the unique effect of NatuRoyale Biolifting Night Repair. The result: the skin looks firmer, smoother and more supple overnight – and feels younger.

  • Dr. Grandel Specials Uv Protection SPF 50 Serum – 50 Ml

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    Smart protection against UV radiation. Special serum vial with kapátkem.Lehká non-greasy texture that effectively protects the skin from harmful UV rays with SPF 30 may be incorporated into any skin care, whether protective, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, or regenerační.Lze use in summer and winter. Vitamin E helps maintain the moisture of the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties and acts against free radicals. Contains panthenol which soothes the skin and supports its natural regeneration process. The active ingredients : Vitamin E Panthenol SPF 30 Application: Apply 1-3 pipette contents to the face, neck and décolleté whenever it is necessary to protect the skin from solar radiation. The serum may be used as part of the daily treatment of the cream, makeup or even ně.Je If necessary, repeat the application several times a day to maintain the desired level of protection, especially after swimming in the water.

  • Guinot Gommage Biologique Peeling Radiance Gel – 1.6oz

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    Guinot Gommage Biologique Biological Peeling Radiance rejuvenates your skin through gentle exfoliation without causing inflammation for a radiantly youthful complexion. Shea butter provides nourishing hydration as it promotes elasticity to firm and tone your skin. Antioxidant-rich green tea extract prevents free radical damage while glycolic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  • ilike Organics Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex Eye Cream – 30ml

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    ilike Organic Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex Eye Cream smoothes away all of the tell-tale signs of eye aging with one satisfying and effective product. Using the powerfully regenerative properties of herbs along side the ultra-moisturizing benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, ilike Organic Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex Eye Cream produces a tremendously rested and restored look of youth to the eye region that is sure to please.

  • Eminence Facial Recovery Oil – .5 oz.

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    Boost skin damage recovery. Eminence Facial Recovery Oil is a deeply soothing and nourishing anti-aging facial treatment. It uses a blend of non-comedogenic botanical oils to boost cell regeneration as well as calm and tone the skin.

  • GM Collin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patches – 5 pairs

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    GM Collin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patch give the eye contour intensive concentrated treatment to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines in minutes. GM Collin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patch provide an instant soothing sensation for tired eyes, and are ideal for restoring radiance before special events.

  • Sothys Purifying Foaming Gel – 4.2 oz

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    Sothys Purifying Foaming Gel gently removes make-up and cleanses the skin with a light foaming action. Normalizes excess sebum with daily use and leaves the skin feeling very fresh, without any drying effects.

  • Sothys La Creme – Eye and Lip Youth Cream – 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

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    • Number of wrinkles: -30% after 15 days and -38% after 30 days*
    • Dark circles: -25% after 30 days**
    • Puffiness: -17% after 30 days**
  • Eminence Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil – 1. oz

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    When it comes to revitalizing, refreshing and re-firming your face in a single shot, Eminence Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil accomplishes all 3 flawlessly. Expertly developed as an all-encompassing, anti-aging serum, this facial treatment is comprised of a beautiful blend of botanical actives to provide your skin with optimal hydration and protection. Designed to complement your existing skin care regimen and amplify their nourishing benefits, this oil delivers a necessary, additional boost of moisture on top of vitamins C and E protection against daily stressors and environmental aggressors.

    Increasing collagen production, reducing inflammation and imparting an entirely soothing feel, it deeply penetrates the surface of your skin with multiple, potent antioxidants and nature-based sources to repel free radicals and improve the appearance of redness and puffiness. Crafted with a non-irritating, non-greasy formula for a truly comfortable application, it diminish signs of fine lines and slack skin in nearly an instant, making it a skin-saving staple in every sense.

  • Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Moisturizer – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Moisturizer Ideal care for skin lacking in moisture. This high performance moisture formula reduces dryness lines and protects skin from further moisture loss, making skin feel wonderfully relaxed.

  • Image Skin Care Ageless New Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler – 1oz

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    • Fill in fine lines without an injection!
    • This concentrated filler contains 6 form of lower and higher molecular weights of h hyaluronic acid to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Ultra boost of hydration.
  • ilike Ultra Sensitive Whipped Moisturizer – 1.7 oz

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    Ilike Organic Skin Care Ultra Sensitive System Whipped Moisturizer hydrates the skin sealing in moisture to protect it from environmental stress. Vitamin C protects the skin against sun damage while vitamin A promotes proper skin cell growth and repair.

  • Annemarie Borlind NatuRoyale Biolifting Day Active – 1.69oz

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    The combination of innovative natural ingredients with know-how from state-of-the-art biological sciences has resulted in the remarkable effect of NatuRoyale Biolifting Day Active. The Biolifting complex, containing white truffle, supplies the skin with intensive moisture, so preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. A plant extract from paracress strengthens the collagen network and improves skin firmness, ensuring a rapidly visible and, with regular use, long-term reduction in wrinkle depth. Free radicals are also neutralized. The result: the skin looks fresher, smoother and firmer in just a short time, and is given a more youthful radiance.

  • Eminence Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer – 2 fl. oz.

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    Eminence Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer features coconut oil, coconut water, swiss green apple stem cells and a natural retinol alternative complex to reduce the signs of aging. Formulated for normal to dry skin types, it deeply moisturizes the skin, balancing its pH, while toning and strengthening using electrolytes, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.


  • GM Collin Hyaluronic Filler Serum – 1 fl. oz

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    • Will make skin look more plump and smoother.
    • Diminishes the appearance of pores.
    • It provides intense, immediate and long-lasting Hydration.
    • Visibly reduces lines for smoother younger-looking skin.
  • Dr. Grandel Elements of Nature Hydro Soft – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    Dr. Grandel Elements of Nature Hydro Soft A smooth cream made with vitamin F and aloe vera to drench skin with intensive, long-lasting hydration. Relieves that tight and unpleasant feeling associated with having dry skin, smoothes rough skin areas and provides skin with soothing benefits.

  • Yonka Creme Solaire SPF 50 Sunscreen Cream – 1.7 oz

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    Yon-Ka Solar Care Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 moisturizes, nourishes and provides intense protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays during sun exposure to prevent skin damage. Licorice extract reduces redness, helps minimize dark spots and discoloration. Vitamin B5 binds water to the skin to improve elasticity. Ideal for all skin tones.

  • GlyMed Plus Serious Action Sulfur Mask – 4 oz.

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    This soothing masque contains therapeutic sulfur and kaolin to kill bacteria, remove dead skin cells and absorb excess oil. Skin is left smooth and revitalize

  • Dr. Schrammek High Perfection Eye Cream – 15ml

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    Velvety, light eye cream without perfume, emulsifiers, preservatives and colouring agents. The skin around the eyes appears smooth and more supple. With caffeine, biopeptides and plant extracts.

  • Physiodermie Deep Cleansing Milk – 6.76 oz

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    • Cleanses effectively while respecting the skin’s balance.
    • Removes all traces of pollutants leaving skin clean and moisturized.
    • Hydrating cleansing milk that can be used to remove makeup.
    • Men can shave with the Deep Cleansing Milk.
  • GM Collin Repair Lip Balm

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    • Contains Moringa butter to regenerate the hydration barrier of the skin.
    • Gently eliminates dry skin with its exfoliating tip.
    • Dye, paraben and fragrance free.
    • Procures long lasting moisturization
    • Replenishes and protects the skin’s moisture barrier
    • Repairs and protects dry, chapped lips
    • Leaves the lips soft and soothed with improved definition


    • Comforting lip balm formulated with a blend of nourishing vegetal butters and oils
    • Combined with a synergy of peptides and ceramides
  • Phyris Vitamin Flash – 30ml

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    A light-as-a-feather, invigorating serum that instantly protects the skin against free radicals over the course of several hours and thus combats premature skin aging.

    • Nanosomally encapsulated coenzyme Q10 protects the skin against free radicals and thus against light-induced skin aging. In addition, the skin’s vitality is improved, resulting in healthy and youthful radiance.

    • Vitamin C is lightening, protective and firming.

  • GM Collin Phytoaromatic Gommage – 1.7 fl. oz

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    Eliminates dead skin cells.  Refines the skin’s texture.  Promotes skin care product penetration.  Brightens the complexion.

  • Dr. Grandel Perfection BB All-in-one Beauty Balm – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    Perfect complexion, perfect maintained, optimally protected A 6-fold multi-talent: calms and soothes redness and blemishes covered with smooth hue blemishes from conceals lines and wrinkles refines and smoothes the skin Protection against light-induced skin damage (SPF 20) stimulates cell renewal and hydrate.

  • Dr. Grandel Elements of Nature Contour Balm – 15ml/0.5 fl oz

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    Dr. Grandel Elements of Nature Contour Balm An intensive care formula for eyes and lips offering the smoothing and firming properties of EPIGRAN, carotene and lavender extract. Reduces the look of fine lines as well as signs of stress and fatigue. The skin around the eyes and lips appears noticeably a younger, fresher, and relaxed.

  • Dr. Grandel Elements of Nature Anti Stress – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    This rich, nourishing cream with azulene and magnesium, specially designed to meet the needs of dry and sensitive skin, offers soothing comfort and balancing properties. Provides moisture and deploys wheat germ oil and argan oil to promote softness and an even-looking complexion.

  • Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 40 – 2oz

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    Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen hydrates, protects the skin during sun exposure to prevent premature aging while helping even out the skin tone. Natural Hydroquinone Alternative, a complex formulated with African potato and tara tree extract, brightens the skin to fade discoloration and boost collagen production.

  • Phyris Hyaluron Super Moist – 30ml

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    The light, non-greasy moisture serum immediately pads dryness related lines and wrinkles through filler hyaluron and ensures noticeable relaxation.

    Depot hyaluron ensures a long-term effect and provides moisture slowly over several hours. Hyaluron Super Moist lays itself refreshingly gently over the skin.

  • G.M. Collin Hydramucine Optimal Gel – 1.7 fl. oz.

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    GM Collin Hydramucine Optimal Gel is the “auto-generated” hydration products that promote new water-filled cells at the heart of the skin. A recognized pioneer, G.M. Collin Hydramucine Optimal Gel is the first to combine pomegranate extract, which stimulates the skin’s natural channels of hydration (Aquaporines 3) with the Asian plants bamboo, water lily and lotus, which increase the capacity of the cells to retain water. GM Collin Hydramucine Optimal Gel also contains Vegetal Proteins, which preserves skin’s cutaneous ecosystem and improves skin’s viral functions.

  • ilike Organics Rosehip Toner – 4.2 oz

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    Ilike Organic Skin Care Rosehip Toner cleanses, tightens and refreshes while balancing the natural pH level of the skin. Rosehip soothes irritation and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin C guards your skin with antioxidants that combat free-radical damage as it supports collagen production. Gentle for use on sensitive skin conditions, including rosacea.

  • Physiodermie Equilibre PH Sensitive Skin Emulsion Cream – 1.7 oz

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    • Provides comfort and natural moisture to sensitive skin.
    • Calms the epidermis, soothes cutaneous discomfort.
    • Replenishes the hydro-lipidic barrier.
    •  Perfect protector and moisturizer before make-up application.
  • Image Skin Care Post Treatment Travel Kit

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    • ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser
    • ILUMA intense lightening serum
    • the Max stem cell creme
    • VITAL C hydrating enzyme masque
    • PREVENTION + ultimate protection mositurizer SPF 50


  • Image Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque – 2oz

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    An exfoliating blend of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids resurface the skin, gently sloughing off dead cells as a lightening blend diminishes brown spots. This is truly a home mini-peel! Apply at home 1-3 times per week for glowing skin. Great for all skin types.

  • AnneMarie Borlind, System Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Cream – 0.50 fl oz

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    Annemarie Borlind System Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Cream revitalizing anti-aging care for the demanding area around the eyes. An active ingredient from the Persian silk tree assists in lifting the upper eyelids to counteract traces of tiredness.Existing lines, wrinkles and rings around the eyes are effectively reduced.

  • Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Oxygen Moisturizer – 30ml/1 fl oz

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    Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Oxygen Moisturizer A lightweight fluid with oxygen to hydrate and revive skin.

    • Activates skin’s metabolism to reinforce skin’s natural defences
    • Infuses skin with deep hydration
    • Creates an instant feeling of freshness
    • Gives skin a radiant, vibrant glow

  • ilike Sulphuric Exfoliator – 1.7 fl. oz.

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    ilike Organic Skin Care Sulphuric Exfoliator removes dead skin cell build-up to smooth and revive the skin. Peppermint oil refreshes and brightens tired skin and helps diminish the appearance of age spots and blemishes. Sulphur helps control excess oil production in acne and seborrhea. Honey leaves the skin feeling soft and prevents moisture loss.

  • Sothys Comfort Lotion – 6.76 oz

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    Sothys Vitality Lotion tones, refreshes and helps balance the skin pH levels. The hydrating formula helps normal to combination skin types achieve clean, smooth skin ready for application of other skin care products. Grapefruit extract nourish the skin with antioxidants and promotes elasticity.

  • Dr. Schrammek Sensiderm Stress Protect Cream – 50ml

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    “SOS” care cream with instant calming effect on dry, very sensitive and reddened skin. Feelings of tautness and itching diminish. The rich formula abstains from perfumes, alcohol, parabens, colouring agents, lanolin, PEG derivatives and mineral oils and is particularly well tolerated.

  • ilike Organics Yarrow Oil – 1.2 fl. oz.

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    ilike Yarrow Oil contains antioxidants and trace elements to calm and renew sensitive, rosacea, scaly seborrhea, oil- and water-deficient skin. It reinvigorates, reinforces the keratin layer and stabilizes androgen hormone activity. Additionally, ilike Yarrow Oil has a healing effect on blood vessels and arteries by successfully breaking up cholesterol. It is extremely helpful to boost moisturizers in the wintertime when skin becomes more oil deficient for many people.

  • Gehwol Med Nail Protection Pen

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    The Gehwol Med Nail Protection Pen provides long term care for the nails and protection against fungal infections. It helps make the nails beautiful and supple. It contains jojoba oil, vitamin E acetate, panthenol, and bisabolol. Clotrimazol helps prevent fungal infections. Contents are sufficient for approximately 1000 nail treatments.

  • Image Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque – 2oz

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    A hydrating enzyme masque that gently exfoliates the buildup of dull, dry skin. Nourishing Vitamins A, C, and E promote healthier, more radiant youthful skin.

  • Guinot Creme Nutri Confort | Nourishing and Protection Cream – 1.7 oz

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    Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort / Continuous Nourishing & Protection Cream is a genuine repairing cream that repairs the skin in depth due to instant absorption of the essential oils. This delicate cream ensures soothing, toning, moisturizing, regenerating, and antioxidant actions while providing skin with comfort and suppleness. By strengthening natural, protective barriers, dehydration and irritation are significantly reduced with each use of this effective cream.

    Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort / Continuous Nourishing & Protection Cream is an ideal cream option for dry skin types. The advanced formula softens and relieves tightness while protecting skin from harmful UVA sun rays. It ensures a smooth, supple look and feel.

  • Dr. Grandel Fresh Tonic – 200 ml / 6.76 oz

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    Dr. Grandel Fresh Tonic Refreshing and invigorating skin toner gives the skin an instant fresh feeling provides the skin with moisture and prevents skin from feeling taut enhances the action of products applied afterward for all skin types

  • Phyris Hyaluron Sensation Cream – 50ml

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    The special timed-release hyaluronic acid contained in phyris hyaluron sensation cream instantly provides maximum moisture and maintains this effect for several hours, leaving the skin feeling fresh and plumped.

    Desert grass extract additionally provides intensive, lasting moisture. Hyaluron sensation cream banishes feelings of tightness caused by moisture deficits. The skin feels fresh and comfortable. Fine lines caused by dryness are reduced and the skin looks smoother and more youthful.

  • Gehwol Fluid

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    Provides care for skin and nails, softens hard skin. Indispensable aid for working on sore, torn skin and making nails healthier and stronger.

  • Gehwol Special Preparations Nail Care

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    GERLAN Nail care contains a high amount of what germ oil with vitamin E and active ingredients from the essential oil of chamomile. It stimulates the nail growth and gives flexibility to broken and torn nails. The active ingredients Bisabolol and undecylenic acid monoethanolamide support the treatment of fungal infections.

  • Gehwol FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream – 4.4oz

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    A deeply nourishing leg and foot cream that smoothes your skin.

  • Guinot Mousse Nettoyante Bioxygene Cleansing Foam – 5.07 oz

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    Guinot BiOXYGENE Cleansing Foam gently and effectively removes dirt, oil and other impurities from your skin without stripping moisture. Its rich, foaming lather infuses your skin with a micro-encapsulated Pro-Oxygene formula that increases circulation and kills acne-causing bacteria. Cotton seed oil hydrates and soothes irritation while lotus extract detoxifies and brightens your complexion.

  • Dr. Schrammek Blemish Balm Honey – 50ml

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    The texture with panthenol and bisabolol calms reddened skin. Especially developed for irritated, large-pored and impure skin. Redness and impurities subside more quickly and can perfectly be covered with the respective colour shade according to the individual skin tone. The BB Cream has a soft matting effect and leaves a pleasant, non-greasy skin feeling. Available in 3 different colour shades.

  • Dr. Grandel Beauty Xpress Concealer – 2.5ml/0.08oz

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    Waterproof concealer stick with anti-aging effect

    The Concealer adapts to any skin tone and gives a natural fresh look to your skin. It conceales unevennesses and darkened eye circles. It is waterproof, has a gently cooling effect and gives a freshness effect.

  • Dr. Schrammek Resvera Cell Concentrate Serum – 30ml

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    Drop by drop for the beauty and youthfulness of your skin! The concentrate protects the vital appearance of the skin. Helps to prevent signs of premature skin aging. Ideal for skin with dimishing vitality, excess dryness and tired complexion. Lends the skin new freshness and vitality.

  • Physiodermie Soft Face Bio-Peeling – 2.53 oz

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    • Enable dead cells and impurities to be removed gently during the massage.
    • Leaves skin soft and supple.
    • Gentle formula can be applied to the eye contour area, lips, and on sensitive skin types.
    • Unclogs and refines the pores aspect.
    • Skin becomes instantly luminous and radiates a healthy glow.
  • YonKa Alpha-Fluid | Renewing Hydrating Fluid – 1.69 oz

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    Proven cosmetic effectiveness :

    • Skin is hydrated: 90 %
    • Skin texture is improved: 73 %

    Over time, skin texture will become finer, skin Imperfections will be visibly reduced, your complexion will even out and your skin will appear brighter and more beautiful.

  • GM Collin Lip Plumping Complex [ Clear ] – 0.26 oz.

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    GM Collin Lip “Plumping” Complex is in a deliciously scented light silky textured formula with collagen microspheres and hyaluronic acid that offers healthy-looking, supple and visibly replumped lips, improving their global appearance. GM Collin Lip “Plumping” Complex helps maintain an optimal level of hydration, for fuller more sensual-looking lips. May create a slight warming sensation.

  • ilike Organics Calendula Oil – 1.2 fl. oz.

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    ilike Calendula Oil is a lightweight herbal concentrate that renews and delivers vitamins to water- and oil-deficient skin. Because it has a high level of calendula, it aids in reconstructing damaged keratin layers and mending skin problems. Enhance your hydrating cream with 1-2 drops of ilike Calendula Oil for a smooth, vibrant complexion.

  • ilike Organics Rosehip Exfoliator – 1.7 oz.

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    Ilike Organic Skin Care Rosehip Exfoliator revitalizes, soothes and boosts moisture levels in chapped, inflamed and dehydrated skin. Lactic acid exfoliates to remove dead skin cell buildup decreasing the appearance of chloasma, age spots, blemishes and controls excess oil production. Rosehip Exfoilator helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles while keeping the skin hydrated. The formula also helps minimize the appearance of stretchmarks and cellulite.

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    Sothys Firming Specific Youth Serum – 30 ml / 1 fl oz

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    This serum with a stretch-effect gel texture helps to limit skin slackening to tone, firm and visibly lift the features.

    Who is it recommended for?

    • Devitalized skin
    • Skin lined with wrinkles
    • Heavy and slack features
  • Yonka For Men Anti-Age | Age-Defense – 1.4 fl. oz

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    YonKa Men Age-Defense deeply hydrates for a softer, younger -looking complexion. Formulated with a blend of botanicals and essential oils, this lightweight formula starts working just 2 hours after application, increasing your skin’s hydration levels to 115%, thereby softening fine lines and wrinkles.
    With antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage, it significantly slows the signs of aging for smoother, more radiant skin. Formulated especially for men, Age Defense is ideal for use after shaving or as a rejuvenating night cream.

  • FarmHouse Fresh Clementine Body Oil – 4.5oz

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    A glisteningly-sweet dreamsicle of ripe clementine oranges will lift your spirits! This beautiful vitamin-rich body oil brings an instantly silky, soothing feel to skin. Antioxidant rich Olive Fruit and Grapeseed oils combine with Orange Peel, Jojoba, Sunflower Seed and Apricot Kernel oils to nourish skin and restore its luster!

    Use in your bath water or apply directly to skin as a light but deeply hydrating body oil. Clementine imparts wonderful benefits to skin as Grapeseed and Olive Fruit oils have powerful antioxidants.

  • Sothys Desquacrem Emulsion – 1.7 oz

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    Deep cleansing at regular intervals complements daily cleansing with the cleansing milk and lotion. It affords a more thorough cleansing of the skin and thereby improves its receptivity to the active substances contained in the beauty care products (creams, masks, serums). Use for a deeply cleanses, radiant skin. Frees the skin of persistent impurities. New formula with wheat extracts.

  • Gehwol Hand Cream – 2.6 oz

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    The quickly absorbed, non-sticky, moistening cream will protect the hands all around with the regular application.

  • FarmHouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream – 2.4oz

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    90% Natural – Vegan – Gluten Free

    This Shea Butter whip is a tubeful of comfort! Our lightest, fluffiest scent will swirl you into a dreamlike state with mint-julep, cream and just a hint of lavender. It’s fresh, but uplifting and delicious at the same time. Just like our other shea butter creams, the supple butters and Vitamin E packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin, without a hint of a greasy feel. You’ll be 100% silky soft (and dare we say – cuddly!) Plus, this 2.4 oz tube loves to travel.

    90% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh Products, Fluffy Bunny is Paraben & Sulfate free.

  • Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Balancer – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Balancer An intelligent moisturizer to meet the specific demands of combination skin. Selected active ingredients work against oily shine in the T-zone, and at the same time prevent any feeling of dryness in the cheek area. For a renewed feeling of balance on the skin.

  • ilike Organics Apple And Lemon Whipped Moisturizer – 1.7 fl. oz.

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    Ilike Skin Care Apple and Lemon Whipped Moisturizer hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy feel. Alpha hydroxy acids brighten the skin, decreasing the appearance of age spots, chloasma,acne scars and other dark spots. Peppermint oil refreshes, while omage-3 fatty acids keep the skin supple.

  • GM Collin Active Exfoliant Powder – 2.6oz

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    • Cleanses and purifies the skin (Salicylic Acid)
    • Provides a granular and enzymatic exfoliation to refine the skin’s texture and enhance respiration and cell renewal (Rice Powder, Papain, Bromelain)
    • Clarifies and brightens the complexion (Sea Fennel Extract)
    • Improves the skin’s texture (Niacinamide, Galactoarabinan)
    • Soothes and softens the skin (Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil)
    • Fights the harmful effects of environmental assaults and free radicals thanks to an antioxidant effect (Vitamin E & C Complex)
  • Phyris Aqua Sensation Cream – 50ml

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    The exclusive phyris cream aqua sensation cream gets its intense, long-lasting effects through a unique desert grass extract.

    This desert plant has the unique ability to bind even in extremely dry conditions, the water present on the long term. Specific lipid components make the skin supple and smooth the texture of the skin.

  • Phyris Sensisomi Balm – 75ml

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    Gentle, anti-stress balm with deep sea elements. Acts like a protective shield, balances sensitive skin, reduces redness and irritation by about 35%, and improves the skin’s compatibility.

    • Glucan strengthens the immune system and activates defenses, providing the skin with its own “self help”. It stabilizes the skin’s protective function, decreases sensitivity, and greatly reduces redness and irritation.
    • Deep sea elements balance and stabilize, dramatically boosting the skin’s tolerance of external factors.

    The balm is free of dyes, perfumes, and preservatives.

  • Dr. Grandel Couperose Expert Cream – 50ml

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    COUPEROSE EXPERT Cream reinforces the skin‘s blood vessels and connective tissue by means of a purpur algae extract. A copper-peptide complex regenerates and enhances stabilization of the skin barrier. Pearly shimmering green pigments optically reduce redness. An even skin appearance is obtained.

  • Dr. Grandel Timeless Revitalizing Cream – 50ml/1.7 fl oz

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    Dr. Grandel Timeless Revitalizing Cream innovative anti-aging revitalizing cream based on plant extracts. Stimulates the skin to an appearance of added firmness and youthfulness, improves its elasticity and gives the complexion a velvety touch.

  • Dr. Schrammek Hydra Maximum Day Cream – 50ml

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    The supple cream contains a maximum of moisturizing factors. These help to store moisture and protect thanks to valuable natural oils. The integrated MoistureLab Technology provides moisture layer by layer from the deep epidermis to the skin’s surface. The moisturizing effect provides the skin with a beautiful looking complexion. Free from mineral oil, parabens, PEG containing emulsifiers and silicon.

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