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How To Use Natural Peptides Serum For Skin-Take 10 Years Off

What are peptides? If we introduce it in a one-liner, peptides are just a series of amino acids joined by peptide linkages. Using peptides serum for skin helps to take years off your face thanks to its anti-aging properties.

Adding peptides to your skincare routine is always a good option. These seemingly simple amino acids joined with peptide linkages, possess the ability to lift your skincare routine to a level!

According to research, peptides have been involved in the cosmeceutical industries lately due to their involvement in restoring normal skin function. And here is why you should use peptides!

Benefits Of Peptides Serum For Skin

Boosts collagen production

Collagen, being a protein, is bulky to penetrate the skin directly. For this reason, derms use peptides, as they are smaller than collagen molecules for skincare products. Thus, add peptides to your skincare for plumper younger looking skin.

That results in
-Reduced wrinkles
-Reduced fine lines

As a source of elastin fibers

Peptides make skin more elastic. These results suggest an active role of peptides in anti-aging!

Have antimicrobial properties:

These properties combat bacteria, preventing further breakouts and acne. Also, it can heal the inflammation caused by harsh environmental conditions by balancing skin tone and helping in skin repair.

What can you mix with peptides?

Here is a list of ingredients you can mix or use with peptides:

  1. Guaiazulene (a great synergy)
  2. Bakuchiol extract-Smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Rosehip seed oil-Hydrates and protects the skin.
  4. Niacinamide
  5. Hyaluronic Acid
  6. Vitamin C (with normal to oily skin)
  7. Retinol

What should you not mix with peptides?

  1. Face acid (AHA). They fight acne, scarring, and uneven skin tone. Using AHA or BHA with peptides is not an absolute no-no! But using them together doesn’t have a good synergy effect!
  2. Vitamin C (only if your skin is already dry, flaky, and irritated)

To elaborate on the position of peptides, let’s compare them with the common active ingredients of skincare products.

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Peptides Versus Guaiazulene

Peptides with guaiazulene have a great synergy. Guaiazulene work by:

  • Soothing skin burns caused by sun rays
  • Counters skin inflammation
  • Helps against microbes

Peptides get deep into your skin, while guaiazulene works on the surface of skin cells. So, peptides will maintain your skin’s elasticity, and guaiazulene will take care of sunburns on the top! Overall, this gives you better skin together. Guaiazulene works best for oily, sensitive, or skin prone to acne.

Peptides Versus Retinol:

Generally, retinol and peptides are both famous for collagen production in the skin. But if you are a person with sensitive skin, go for peptides!

Peptides are more gentle and less dehydrating than retinol. That means peptide is a substantial source of collagen, keeping skin hydrated and supple alongside! Moreover, prolonged use or increased concentration of retinol can cause inflammation which is not the case with peptides!

Can retinol and peptides be used together?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use them together. Many derms even allow using this duo combined as they consider it one of the best ways to attain youthful skin. Retinol can be harsh sometimes on the skin; using it with peptides nullify its harm!

What goes first, Retinol or Peptides?

Retinol, a more potent ingredient, will go first, then top it up with peptides.

Niacinamide versus peptides, which is better?

Niacinamide is an amide of vitamin B-3 and is a powerful antioxidant that improves the texture and pores of the skin.

A wide variety of skincare products contain peptides, especially serums, because of their benefits to the skin:

  • Enhancing the skin’s barrier. 
  • Reduce wrinkles.
  • Reduce inflammation. 
  • Increase the elasticity.

Significant studies suggest the following benefits of niacinamides to the skin:

  • Effective against skin wrinkles
  • Combats hyper-pigmentation.
  • Increase elasticity.
  • Effective for reducing red blotchiness.

Some areas of the skin that niacinamides and peptides work on are common, but some are entirely different. Therefore, to say which one is better is never the correct comparison.

Can you use niacinamide and peptides together?

Yes, niacinamides are safe to use with peptides. They combine very well with peptides to have an overall enhanced effect on the skin. Niacinamide is good with almost all skin types, while peptides give a much younger-looking skin.

The best alternative to peptides:

  1. Seaweed extract helps the skin to soothe and reduce sensitivity.
  2. Baobab oil-good for soothing irritation and eczema.

These must replace if you face any adverse reaction while using these ingredients. Next, let’s discuss the combination of peptides with vitamin C.

Vitamin C serums revive the natural complexion of the skin. Thus, make it radiant. It also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Peptides Versus Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant as it counters the effects of sunlight on the skin. The L-ascorbic acid form has a low pH. Thus, it may irritate some people. On the other hand, peptides are more gentle and non-irritating. Hence, you can use them even if your skin is sensitive. Also, it calms down stressed-out skin. 

Does that make you wonder if you can mix peptides with vitamin C? Yes, peptides and vitamin C serums complement each other a lot to give your face a nice texture and tone to your skin. They help to build a barrier to your skin, repairing it nicely from the inside. Those having sensitive skin might face problems of itchiness and irritation. But in most cases, this is a case-wise problem. You should consult with a dermatologist if your skin gets irritated with peptides. 

When can you not use peptides with vitamin C?

If your skin lacks moisture or is irritated, you should not use peptides and vitamin C together.

Peptides VS Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is among the most popular active ingredients in skincare products. Some frequent benefits of hyaluronic acid and peptides include:

  • Make skin firm and youthful
  • Help retain moisture
  • Reducing wrinkles and other aging signs
  • Repair skin inflammation

Both peptides and hyaluronic acid are derms’ favorite when retaining moisture or reducing fine lines is the aim, but how they both work differs!

Hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles by tightening your skin, making it taut!

But the way peptides work is; by increasing the collagen density and elastin fibers which uplift your skin, eliminating signs of aging!

Nowadays, industries are more convinced to make peptides part of their skincare products.

Can peptides be mixed with hyaluronic acid?

In many serums, hyaluronic acid helps to keep water and makes it hydrated enough to provide skin with the right amount of moisture. With peptides and hyaluronic mixed, they are effective whether your skin is dry, sensitive, or aging skin. We must apply hyaluronic serum first when using peptides and hyaluronic serums separately because it will get absorbed the fastest. Peptides will work on the upper layer of the skin to give the perfect tone your skin deserves.

Speaking of acids, let’s compare peptides with Alpha hydroxy acids(AHA)

Can I use peptides with AHA?

AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) is a perfect ingredient that 

  • Reduce blemishes on your skin.  
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Remove the dead cells of the skin.
  • Provide smoother, brighter skin.
  • Exfoliate the skin well and reduces inflammation.

AHA, by itself, provides solutions to the problems related to your skin. Mixing it with peptides in your serums can decrease the effectiveness of peptides. 

The right age to use peptide serum:

With that said, you need to know the right age to start using peptide serums.

According to the dermatologist, during your 20s, the collagen of your skin starts to slow down. Thus, to lessen aging signs in the future, it’s better to start using peptide serum at this age. However, many people use it between 25 to 30, and this is when they get a noticeable change!

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Can I use peptides serum every day?

Yes, sure! Dermatologists say that you use peptides twice a day, daily!
It is unlikely that it can irritate your skin, but still, it’s better to use products according to their recommended usage. Even if you have sensitive skin, peptides will help you strengthen your skin by providing a barrier against environmental stress! Thus, you can use peptides every day, even with sensitive skin!

When should I apply peptide serum?

Preferred time: Nighttime!

You can use peptides both; during the day and at night. But it’s better to use it when your skin is going through a recovery phase, usually at nighttime. That is when hormone which repairs your skin are working at their best. And you get the maximum goodness of peptides!

You should use peptides after cleansing nicely and removing all the makeover and dirt off your face. But use peptides before using a moisturizer. Thus:

Use peptides serums after cleansing and follow up with a moisturizer or natural oil. That gives your peptide serum the best chance to penetrate well into deeper layers of your skin!

Here is when to apply peptide serums to your skin stepwise:

  1. First things first! Cleanse your face with a cleanser or face wash that is your skin type!
  2. With an exfoliator, use peptides alternatively. Most exfoliators do not work well with peptides. For instance, if you exfoliate your skin on day 1, do not use peptides the same day. Instead, use them the next day and continue the rest of the week.   
  3. With the layer of dead cells removed, your peptide serums will go even deeper! And your skin gets the best effects.
  4. Seal the beauty with a moisturizer!

Let us assume that you want to use peptide serum with your exfoliator. If that is the case, derms recommend giving about twenty minutes in between using the two!

Until now, you might be surprised by the ways peptides work at reducing signs of aging. Thus you will see more peptides in many skincare lines soon.

Organic skincare is always committed to providing you with all the best available natural and clean products that will improve your skin drastically!

The Best Peptide Loaded Face Serums:

A perfect blend of the peptide with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that:

-Reduce wrinkles and signs of aging
-Oppose the effect of antioxidant effect and advanced glycation end products (AGE)
-Make skin firm and youthful
-Catalyse the healing process

Try this oxidant fighting duo, and you will note a difference! Apply an optimum amount on your face and neck and rub until fully absorbed. Soon you will get perfectly toned, ultra-soft, and uplifted skin.

Nelly De Vuyst Lifting Peptides Serum

With peptides and organic plant extracts!

This serum will nourish your skin with botanical extract peptides, which will not only reduce signs of aging but will also hydrate your dried skin.

Upon usage, it can double the collagen density of your skin, making your skin look radiant, moisturized, and soft skin.

Apply a thin layer of serum over your face and leave it on! And let it penetrate well into your skin!

You can use “The Citrus & Kale Potent C+E” serum and the “Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil” with this peptide serum for enhanced anti-aging benefits.

While caring for your skin, be sure your lip care does not lag!

Goodbye to your lip furrows and wrinkles, as this serum will:

-Visibly plumps and hydrates lips
-37% reduction in the appearance of lip furrows
-32% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles

Upon recommended usage!

It has botanical peptides, hyaluronic acid, and collagen! This serum is something your skin will love!

Just dispense a small amount of serum and gently rub it across your lip until fully covered. You can use your favorite lip balm/oil with it.

The product is free from parabens, phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and propylene glycol. And is organic, natural, and cruelty-free.

Formulated with Argireline, a high-tech peptide smoothens your skin and removes the signs of aging and fine lines.

It will reduce the stress on your skin’s surface. Also, restore your youthful appearance of skin with triple peptides.

Formulated with Pea Peptide, Hexapeptide-11, Antioxidants, Vitamins A, B, C, E, and F, amino Acids, and hyaluronic acid, this product will benefit your skin in multiple ways!

Benefits include;
-Stimulation of collagen formation
-Removal of aging signs
-No more wrinkles or fine lines, and giving an overall smooth texture
-Fulfilling vitamins and antioxidants needs
-Treat your dehydrated skin
-Improved elasticity of your skin
-Giving soothing and youthful skin!

Apply a thin layer of serum as the first hydration step of your treatment. Apply an ilike moisturizer after letting the serum penetrate for 30 seconds. Use it twice a day on your skin.

This product is rich in peptide complexes which will benefit your skin in multiple ways!

This mixture of five potent amino acids aims explicitly to reverse the aging signs!

The active ingredient serves according to their specialty as follows:

  • Micro-protein fragments naturally repair your skin tissue.
  • Supports the regeneration of collagen, which lead to elastic and firm skin
  • Ceramide improves the hydration of your skin
  • Vitamin E combats free radical damage.
  • Sea Whip extract soothes and calms inflammation (rosacea)
  • Licorice Root and Bearberry extract inhibit melanin biosynthesis

For best results, cleanse your skin thoroughly, then apply the product on dry skin!

The Takeaway

The peptide is an emerging age-defying skin care ingredient. Still, research is going on to know the best it can do for your skin. However, presently the data seems promising. You can use it to prevent and treat aging skin, especially if your skin is sensitive. It calms irritated skin and works down into the skin cells to boost collagen, making you plumper and younger!

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