Are Organic Skin Care Products Worth it?

It seems like everywhere you turn, you are hearing about Organic Skin Care. But is there a real difference between Organic Skin Care Products and more traditional skin care products? The difference might just surprise you!

What Does “Organic” Actually Mean?

Organic skin care products come from all natural sources. Unlike most skin care products available today, organic skin care products have no artificial ingredients and no synthetic compounds. As a consumer, this should be something you should always consider. Synthetic compounds are a common source for skin irritation as they contain not only chemicals, but are known as well to occasionally contain pesticides. The skin care and cosmetics marketplace is largely an unregulated industry. Over the last few months, there have been multiple reports of nationally known skin and hair care products who have made false claims about the ingredients that they are using in their product formulations. Worse still, many consumers, not knowing about the lack of any meaningful skin care product regulation, have experienced adverse reactions to skin care products that are not made of organic ingredients.

The Importance of Labels

The USDA has very clear guidelines about how organic skin care products can be marketed. Products marked “Organic” or “100% Organic” are your best bet. These products must contain at least 95% organically-produced ingredients. Be wary of any product labeled, “Made with Organic Ingredients,” as USDA regulations allow for up to 30% of the ingredients in these products to be synthetic in nature. There are over 10,000 individual ingredients known to be used in skin care products that are currently on store shelves today. Yet amazingly, over 90% of these ingredients have never been tested for safety. Our skin is much more like a sponge than a barrier. What we place on our skin is often absorbed directly into our body. With the average consumer using up to ten skin care products regularly, it’s no wonder that more savvy consumers have already made the switch to organic skin care products. It’s the Only Skin You’ve Got so Protect It! Choosing the proper products to care for your skin is not as difficult as it sounds. Have you read the label? While most consumers don’t think twice about reading food labels, a surprisingly small percentage take the few minutes it takes to read skin care labels. If you see lots of longer terms that sound more at home in a chemistry class, you most likely want to bypass that product. Are you buying your skin care products from a trusted source? These days, most anyone can start an internet business. Be sure to take the time to review the company you are purchasing from. Is the company one that you are familiar with? A few minutes of research can make a world of difference. Most importantly, become an informed consumer. Your skin will thank you for a lifetime!

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