Ilike Puree Bath Salts


ilike Puree Bath Salts provide therapeutic benefits for both the mind and body.

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Ilike Puree Bath Salts

Skin Type: All.

Ilike Puree Bath Salts Description:
Indulge in a salt soak like no other. Prepared with Dead Sea Salts which consist of twenty plus natural minerals in 10 times higher concentration than other sea salts, Ilike Puree Bath Salts provide an ultra luxurious bath experience. The therapeutic salts are abundant in the magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, calcium and other important minerals which are essential to good health. Research indicates that high levels of minerals such as these help serious skin syndromes including dermatitis, skin allergy symptoms, eczema and psoriasis. Dead Sea mineral salts have also been shown to help alleviate rheumatologic conditions, painful joints, respiratory or eye conditions and more. Further, the detoxifying and softening Ilike salts can relieve stress and insomnia in addition to helping improve skin’s overall condition.


  • ilike Mineral Salt Rituals (1 lb)– Free of any herbal blends, this is the “pure,” aroma-free version of ilike Dead Sea salts. These salts serve as the base of the herbal blends and may be used as a base for salt scrubs by combining it with oils or ilike organic skin care gel masks for exfoliating or improving mineral penetration.



  • ilike Citrus Splash with orange peel (1 lb)– Citrus Splash is a revitalizing bath salt with the energizing aroma of organic Lime, Orange, Grapefruit and Tee Tree oil as well as orange peel pieces to boost the herbal infusion and the aromatherapeutic benefits.



  • ilike Lush Garden with red rose buds (1 lb)– Lush Garden features soothing aromas of delightful flowers and herbs like organic Geranium, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Mandarin. It also blends Red Rose buds and petals to augment the herbal infusion and the aromatherapeutic benefits.



  • ilike Soothing Breeze with lavender buds (1 lb)– Soothing Breeze rejuvenates the mind with organic Lavender and Peppermint Oil. Additionally, it boasts Lavender buds that increase the herbal infusion and the aromatherapeutic benefits.

How To Use Ilike Puree Bath Salts:
Take a handful of bath salts and pour them into the bath under the faucet. Once you have poured the bath salts into your bath, you’re ready to relax! Be sure to stir the bath salts into the water and circulate them well, so the fragrances are released into the steam.


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