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Lactobionic Acid 20% (PHA – Poly Hydroxy Acid) (PRO Only) 50ml/10fl oz

Lactobionic Acid 20% (PHA – Poly Hydroxy Acid) (PRO Only) 50ml/10fl oz

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Lactobionic Acid is composed of two building blocks: gluconic acid and galactose. Thus, it is one of the largest exfoliating acids. It unfolds its effect mainly on the outermost part of the skin layer and the peeling process happens in a very controlled way. The skin layer is gently and slowly exfoliated.

  • Promotes skin renewal.
  • Counteracts hyperpigmentation.
  • Moisturizes.
  • Gently exfoliates.
  • Has an indirect antioxidant effect (can neutralize metal ions).

Expert Acids “Mix and Match“ Concept.

The Acid Mix & Match concept offers the possibility to exactly match the acid treatment to the demands of the individual complexion. Thus, a highly individual menu can be created for each acid customer. A convincing and long-lasting result can be achieved with the combination of up to 3 different acids. All acids can be mixed according to our recipes, or they can also be used separately.

In order to achieve long-lasting treatment results 5 to 6 treatments at an interval of 10 to 14 days should be planned.

MIX AND MATCH combinations with Lactobionic Acid:

SENSITIVE SKIN – 2ml Lactobionic acid 20% + 2ml Mandelic acid 20% + 2ml Phytic acid 10%.

COUPEROSE AND REDNESS use 2ml Mandelic Acid 20% + 2ml Glycolic 20% + 2ml Lactobionic Acid 20%.

Must use Neutralizer – see full directions for treatment and homecare!