Annemarie Borlind System Absolute Cleanser – 4.06oz


The ultimate in cleansing for mature skin with a tendency to form wrinkles. A silky soft and particularly creamy cleansing emulsion which even removes makeup.

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Annemarie Borlind System Absolute Cleanser

Product Description

Annemarie Borlind System Absolute Cleanser the ultimate in cleansing for the mature skin with a tendency to form wrinkles. System Absolute Cleanser is a silky soft and particularly creamy emulsion which forms a gentle cleansing foam on the skin when applied. It penetrates well, thoroughly cleansing the skin and pores- even removing makeup. Annemarie Borlind cosmetic sponges are recommended for application.

  • Moisturizes deeply
  • Reduces wrinkle depth
  • Enhances cell renewal
  • Firms and restores suppleness
  • Counteracts environmental ageing

Key Benefits:

  • Delivers hydrating ingredients to lower levels of epidermis with liposome delivery system
  • Provides long-term protection against free radical damage with Vitamins A and C in nanoparticle delivery system
  • Preserves elasticity and suppleness with algae extract aosain
  • Supports cell regeneration with special botanical formula of LL Bio-Complex
  • Stimulates production of elastin and collagen with almond protein
  • Nourishes and protects with macadamia nut oil, wheat germ protein, sesame oil, jojoba oil, squalane (from olive oil), and meadowfoam oil
  • Hydrates and binds moisture with sorbitol, NaPCA, and aloe vera

Active Ingredients:
Aosain – Delays ageing process by preventing action of elastase, preserves elasticity and suppleness
Bio-Complex – A synergistic blend of botanical ingredients that supports the natural regeneration of the skin and protects it against environmental damage
Hyaluronic Acid – Binds moisture
Jojoba Oil – Cares for and strengthens skin
Liposomes – Transports water-soluble active ingredients (panthenol, sorbitol, sodium lactate, sodium PCA) into deeper layers of dermis
Macadamia Nut Oil – Cares for and strengthens skin, improves suppleness, strengthens skin’s resistance to damaging environmental influences
Meadowfoam Oil – Replenishes oil, nourishes, smoothes
Nanoparticles – Transports oil-soluble active ingredients (Vitamins A and E) into deeper layers of dermis to provide long-term antioxidant effect
Superphycodismutase (Algae Extract) – Provides potent antioxidant protection

Apply morning and evening to the dry skin of the face, throat, and décolleté. Spread evenly and allow to work for 30 seconds. Remove with 2 cosmetic sponges and rinse well with lukewarm water.


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