Biodroga Cleansing CelluScrub Facial Exfoliator – 2.7 oz


Peeling grains such as Indian bamboo extract, make skin soft and supple. It will gently cleanse your skin and give it a fresh clean look.

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Biodroga Cleansing Celluscrub Facial Exfoliator

This Cleansing Celluscrub Facial Exfoliator is a mild, mechanical creamy gel-type exfoliator. It is the most gentle way of removing dead skin cells.  It stimulates new cell growth and microcirculation in the skin, giving a fresh rosy complexion.  It maintains fat and moisture levels in the skin and refines skin texture.  It increases the skin’s capacity for absorbing subsequent care products and their ingredients.  Peeling particles of modified Cellulose – 100% biodegradable!

To Use:

Apply to cleansed skin, gently exfoliate with moist fingertips, and rinse off thoroughly. Use 1 to 4 times a month depending on skin sensitivity.

The facial exfoliator should be used between twice a week and once a month, depending on skin condition:

  • Very sensitive skin, every 14 days.
  • Normal or dry skin, once a week.
  • Hard or thick skin, 2 x weekly.


Extract of Cucumber – moisturizes the skin, refreshes it, and refines its texture

Plant-Based Squalane – conditions and smooths the skin

Indian Bamboo Extract – for especially gentle peeling

Peeling particles of modified Cellulose – 100% biodegradable!

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