Biodroga Cleansing Foam – 3.4 fl. oz.



  • Ideal for women and men of all ages with normal and combination skin
  • Thoroughly and gently cleanses the skin, leaving no residue
  • Makes the skin look clear, clean, and fresh
  • Helps to stabilize the skin’s acid mantle
  • Soothes areas of light reddening and irritation
  • Stops skin from feeling tight and dry
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Biodroga Cleansing Foam

Cleanses the skin thoroughly and gently, leaving no residue behind. Soothes mild irritations while preventing that dry, stretched feeling that some cleansers cause. A delicate texture, the cleansing fluid is transformed into a rich foam once pumped.

To Use: Work up a lather from a small amount of product between moist hands in the morning and evening. Clean face and throat with gentle motions. Thoroughly rinse off foam.

Key Ingredients: Cornflower Extract, Potassium Sorbate

Suitable For: Normal Skin, Combination Skin


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