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Biodroga MD Ultimate Lifting Cream – 1.8oz

Biodroga MD Ultimate Lifting Cream – 1.8oz

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Biodroga MD Ultimate Lifting Cream

The high-performance skincare with the innovative Novo Peptide3 Technology contains 3 bioactive peptides. The complex improves the collagen synthesis, supports the activity of the skin cells and stimulates the skin-cell renewal. The ultimate anti-aging concept paves the way for diminished lines and wrinkles, tight contours, more skin density and a radiant complexion. Skin-related DMC ensures a very good skin tolerance. The light texture instantly absorbs in skin.

Diminishes lines and wrinkles

• Improves skin density, elasticity, and resilience

• Improves collagen synthesis and hinders collagen deterioration.

• Optimizes skin radiance

• Combats age-related skin texture changes and evens the complexion

• Counteracts loss of facial contours