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Biodroga Mandelic Acid 20% (AHA) – pH 2.5 (PRO Only)

Biodroga Mandelic Acid 20% (AHA) – pH 2.5 (PRO Only)


Biodroga MD Mandelic Acid – contains aromatic mandelic acid – a special AHA acid that differs from glycolic acid by a special structural feature – an aromatic ring. Due to this structure, mandelic acid is significantly larger than glycolic acid, which is why it penetrates more slowly and evenly into the skin. Therefore, it is considered a relatively mild acid, which is also suitable for slightly more sensitive skin. Another interesting aspect is that mandelic acid, similar to salicylic acid, is able to penetrate clogged pores and rid them of accumulated sebum.

  • Improves melasma and hyperpigmentation.
  • Normalizes sebum production, reducing the accumulation of sebum.
  • Supports the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

The Expert Acid Mix & Match concept allows for exact matching of the acid treatment to the demands of the individual complexion. A highly individual menu can be created for each acid customer. Up to three different acids can be combined to achieve a convincing and long-lasting result. All acids can be mixed according to our recipes or used separately.

In order to achieve long-lasting treatment results 5 to 6 treatments at an interval of 10-14 days should be planned.

“Mix and Match“ for Mandelic Expert Acid.

SENSITIVE SKIN – 2ml Lactobionic Acid 20% + 2ml Mandelic Acid 20% + 10% Phytic Acid 10%.

REDNESS AND COUPEROSE – 2ml Mandelic Acid 20% + 2ml Glycolic Acid 20% + 2ml Lactobionic Acid 20%.

IMPURITIES – 2ml Salicylic Acid 2% + 2ml Glycolic Acid 20% – 50% + 2ml Mandelic Acid 20%

PIGMENT SPOTS – 3ml Mandelic Acid 20% + 3ml Glycolic Acid 35% – 50%.

MATURE SKIN – 2ml Phytic Acid 10% + 2ml Glycolic Acid 35% – 50% +  2ml Mandelic Acid 20%.