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Physiodermie Bio-Gommage Body – 100 ml / 3.38 fl.oz

Physiodermie Bio-Gommage Body – 100 ml / 3.38 fl.oz


• Provides instant smoothness for soft, supple skin.
• Will further enhance the penetration of all other products to increase their effectiveness.
• The immediate surface action of micro-spherules will continue to work effectively for 24 to 48 hours after performing the exfoliation.
• Anti-aging activity is promoted by cellular renewal.
• Prevents the apparition of ingrown hair.
• Skin becomes instantly luminous and radiates a healthy glow.

Physiodermie Bio-Gommage Body


Twice a week, apply on wet skin during your shower all over the body. Apply a small quantity of Body Bio-Gommage to a wet sponge or luffa or directly to the skin. Gently rub all over the body and enjoy the refreshing lather while thoroughly exfoliating the skin. Rinse off thoroughly.

  • Soft surfactants.
  • Peeling Micro-spheres.
  • Natural fatty acids and oat amino acids.
  • Soyglycoproteins titrated for sericin content.
  • Efficient but non-aggressive to the skin due to their perfectly round and smooth shape.
  • Provides instant smoothness, soft, supple and perfectly cleansed skin.
  • Anti-aging effect by smoothing epidermis.
  • Improves the dry areas of the body (elbows, knees, feet…)