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sothys clarifying correcting serum
Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum – 1oz



Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum – 1oz

Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum – 1oz


A high-performance ultra-concentrated facial serum Formulated with salicylic acid & tea tree oil to treat dark spots & acne blemishes Contains liquorice extract & a biotechnical complex for powerful anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties Loaded with Allantoin to stimulate rapid healing & enhance skin’s natural defense against irritants Infused with natural yeast peptides to regulate sebum Leaves skin clear & shine-free


Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum

This high-powered serum with an ultra-concentrated formula is an intensive care treatment. Contains Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil to treat spots and blemishes.


  • Dries breakouts, spots and blemishes.
  • Contains natural yeast peptides to regulate sebum.
  • Contains Licorice Extract; a powerful antimicrobial.

Directions For Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum

Cleanse the skin and place a few drops of the serum into the hand. With either fingertips or a Q-Tip, apply locally on the breakouts with light taps.


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