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Sothys Noctuelle Renovative Micro-Capsules Pure Vitamin C 20% – 60 Capsules

Sothys Noctuelle Renovative Micro-Capsules Pure Vitamin C 20% – 60 Capsules

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Key Features:

  • Capsules are plant-based and 100% biodegradable
  • Defends skin against free radical damage
  • Fragrance-free

Sothys Noctuelle Renovative Micro-Capsules provides skin with pure 20% vitamin C.

This treatment lets vitamin C shine in a minimalist formula. It visibly firms laxity, fades wrinkles, and brightens dark spots by promoting your skin’s collagen and managing its melanin. In clinical testing, 100% of participants displayed an immediate improvement in radiance.

Provides glow to the skin, and reduces signs of aging (firmness, wrinkles, and blemishes).


Noctuelle Renovative Micro Capsules from Sothys are microcapsule with a serum that contains pure vitamin C.
They are 100% biodegradable capsules, each capsule delivers the ideal dose of pure vitamin C (20%) to your skin. It restores the skin’s radiance and firmness.

Directions For Use:

Gently rotate the tip of the capsule until it comes out.
Apply to clean, dry skin, and massage gently until the product is fully absorbed.
Apply every night for 2 months.

Ingredients: Capryilc/capric triglycerideAscorbic Acid Boron Nitride Olus oil (Vegetable oil)Silica Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Tocopherol Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate


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Liza Leshem

Sothys Noctuelle Renovative Micro-Capsules - 60 Capsules

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