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Organic Acne Treatment

Organic Acne Treatment

Acne is a common ailment, and over 85% of people will experience it at some point in their lives. You have seen the commercials advertising expensive products and quick fixes for acne. Fortunately, there are organic acne treatment options that are incredibly effective.


What Causes Acne

Acne has many potential causes. Unfortunately, you need to figure out why you have acne to treat the underlying issue. Without addressing this issue, your acne may worsen and reach the point of scarring regardless of what products you use.

Hormone Imbalance

Hormones control many aspects of your body, including how much oil your sebaceous glands produce. When your glands are producing excess oil, it sits on your face and clogs up your pores. That is the start of acne.

Hormone imbalance is common around puberty in both boys and girls. Additionally, women are more likely than men to experience significant changes during midlife that can cause acne.

Skin Irritation

Skin irritation and damage are significant factors for acne. Often, this is the result of picking at skin or over-cleansing. Unfortunately, this is one of the more difficult causes to pin down and treat since there are a few ways your skin can become irritated.

Clogged Hair Follicles

Clogger hair follicles do not merely come from oil. Other debris, such as dead skin cells, can cause clogging, as can failure to remove all cosmetic products. When the small hair follicles inside pores cannot grow straight and encounter resistance is when acne strikes.


Your skin is home to numerous strains of bacteria, and unfortunately, these strains are easy to knock out of balance. When this happens, one strain grows too much and can provoke an immune response.


You may be using a product you are allergic to without realizing it. Your skin then becomes inflamed each time and must heal any damage. This damage can quickly become acne, and the breakouts will not stop until you find the offending product.


Stress does not outright cause acne, but it can make your acne significantly worse. Stress-related hormones can make the sebaceous glands produce even more oil. Mixed with debris and bacteria on your skin, this makes your acne worse.


Certain medications do affect hormone levels, which in turn can cause acne. These medications should carry a warning label. Your doctor should discuss your options with you if you are known to have severe acne breakouts before beginning a new medication.


Your body processes food, and certain foods fuel hormone releases. One of the most common examples is foods that raise your blood sugar. In response, your body releases insulin. Excess insulin can increase oil production on your skin.


Why Acne Treatments Do Not Work

Acne treatments, particularly of the non-organic variety, do not work well for more people. Often, people try to treat their acne without understanding the underlying cause or the treatment itself. You can do better by understanding the options.

Chemical Cocktails

Most acne treatments are a chemical cocktail that you likely cannot pronounce the ingredients of. You have few ways to tell which are harmful as well and may make the acne worse. The results are often fleeting.

Failure to Address Hormone Health

Hormone health is one of the primary causes of acne, and imbalances may indicate deeper medical issues. Without talking to your doctor, you cannot ascertain the state of your hormone balance.

Upset Skin Balance

Your skin maintains a delicate balance that includes a biome for bacteria. Unfortunately, many cheap or non-organic acne treatments upset this balance to achieve results. Then when you stop using a product, your skin must find its balance again.

Lack of Moderation

While washing your face or trying out a cool new product feels great, it also affects your acne chances. These attempts to smother your skin into submission genuinely increase your chances of developing acne.

Limited Timetables

Somehow, people got the idea that treating acne for two to three months should permanently solve the problem. Unfortunately, all it does is create an artificial environment for your skin. Once your treatment time is up, the acne usually comes back with a vengeance.

Life Changes That Help Organic Acne Treatment

Making a few life changes can help immensely with acne treatment, regardless of if it’s organic or not. Using these natural solutions may lessen your need for organic acne treatment and medication, leading to a healthier life overall.


Several different types of foods have been identified as increasing your risk of breakouts. These include processed foods, dairy, and food with a high glycemic index that make your body release insulin.

If you want your diet to help your skin, begin preparing your food from scratch whenever possible and avoid eating out. Additionally, some people find that a primarily organic diet aids in clearing acne as well.

Naturopath Recommendations

A naturopath recommends natural remedies that can help you. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and naturopaths have suggested everything from apple cider vinegar to clay masks to supplements.

If you would like to try this route, consult with a local naturopath rather than finding one online.

Examining Your Products

Your skin absorbs everything from your eye shadow to your overnight moisturizer. You should check the ingredients in these products and see if one is irritating you. You can also try swapping the products one by one for organic alternatives.

Discussing Your Medications

If nothing else seems to work, try looking into your medications with your doctor. You may not be fully aware of how some prescriptions function. Your doctor can also recommend alternatives if you want to alter your treatment to get rid of acne.

Do not stop medications without talking to your doctor.


The Right Organic Acne Treatment Products

The right organic acne treatment products make an enormous difference, and the change is often faster than the two months conventional treatments promise. Used in conjunction with the tips in the section above, and you’ll likely find that your acne is infinitely more manageable even if it doesn’t go away entirely.

The acne treatments available on are powerful and natural. You should immediately notice a difference from conventional options.

Acne Clearing Gel with Plant Stem Cells from Emerge Labs

Emerge Labs is a premier natural brand known for innovation. The company’s acne clearing gel with plant stem cells is another example of innovative spirit and products that are amazingly effective.

The acne clearing gel with plant stem cells is a serum. It uses salicylic acid and glycolic acid as a base, which is a fancy way to say it exfoliates and moisturizes. Then the other ingredients like the plant stem cells help your skin repair itself as it absorbs the organic acne treatment.

This product is fantastic at both preventing pimples and other pore congestion. By clearing up your pores, it prevents the development of new acne blemishes. This organic acne treatment also helps your skin heal.

To use this organic acne treatment, cleanse your face at night. Then apply an incredibly thin layer over the acne-prone areas of your skin.

Organic Stem Cell Cream from Emerge Labs

The organic stem cell cream from Emerge Labs is an exceptional organic acne treatment. The formulation uses numerous ingredients to tackle tough acne organically. It’s also gentle enough to work on multiple types of sensitive skin.

This organic acne treatment combines the top three acne-fighting ingredients into one power-packed cream. It’s made in the USA, so it exceeds all current organic product guidance. As a bonus, the organic acne treatment is GMO, artificial color, and synthetic fragrance free.

The organic stem cell cream works by penetrating deeply into the skin. The organic acne treatment can help calm irritated skin and relieve acne growth. Additionally, the nourishing ingredients help skin heal, so acne is less likely to develop.

The organic stem cell cream also helps remove impurities from pores and eliminate excess sebum oil, the primary cause of acne for most. This organic acne treatment helps rebalance the oil on your skin as well.

To use this product, cleanse your face at night. Then apply a thin layer to the parts of your face that are prone to acne.

Wrap Up

Finding the right organic acne treatment and routine is complicated. You must understand what is causing your acne and what steps you’re willing to take to fix it. Otherwise, any organic or non-organic acne treatment you pick will be less effective. is committed to helping consumers like you conquer their skin issues through natural and cruelty-free products. We rigorously test each product before placing it on the site, so you know you’re getting quality options.

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