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  • Eminence Wild Plum Tonique oxygenates and refreshes the look and feel of fatigued skin. Mineral-rich spring water nourishes and replenishes moisture as wild plum juice soothes and brightens your complexion. Salicylic acid works to remove dulling, dead dermal cells to smooth texture and revive the appearance of lackluster skin.

  • Eminence Lime Refresh Tonique tones and hydrates to revitalize the look of your complexion. Lime juice features astringent benefits to minimize the appearance of pores and eliminate impurities while green tea delivers antioxidant protection to neutralize free-radicals, promoting a youthful radiance. Soothing lavender heals blemishes and replenishes moisture, delivering clear, supple skin.

  • Eminence Rosehip Tonique replenishes moisture for a long-lasting, comfortable feel. Rosehip juice offers nourishing antioxidant benefits to protect against free radical-damage and improve the appearance of your skin while salicylic acid gently removes dulling, dead dermal cells to soften and smooth texture for a fresh, radiant look and feel.

  • Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist repairs and revitalizes to deliver a youthful complexion. Formulated with stone crop juice, it hydrates and heals as it diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation for clear and even-toned skin. Salicylic acid gently removes dirt, impurities and bacteria while mineral-rich spring water softens and conditions, creating a radiant look and a…