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  • Gehwol FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream – 4.4oz

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    A deeply nourishing leg and foot cream that smoothes your skin.

  • Gehwol Fusskraft Soft Feet Lotion – 125ml

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    • Calming & moisturizing
    • Silky soft feet and legs
    • Tghtening Refreshing and revitalizing

    The Soft Feet Lotion with extracts of water lily and silk is a light moisturizing lotion for silky soft, well cared legs and feet. It refreshes tired, heavy legs and provides care with select active substances. Water lily calms and tightens; silk extract smoothes the skin; hyaluron lends moisture which can also be stored in deeper skin layers. Algae extract encourages the circulation, counteracts heavy, tired legs and prevents spider veins. Avocado Oil and phyto-squalene counteract dry, coarse, scaly skin and reduce moisture loss.

  • Gehwol Fusskraft Soft Feet Scrub – 125ml

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    The skin has better circulation and is prepared for subsequent care, e.g. with GEHWOL Soft Feet Cream. Making it easier for valuable care ingredients to be absorbed. The pleasant scent of the GEHWOL Soft Feet Scrub lends the wonderful feeling of well cared for legs and feet.

    Gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells, renews the skin surface leaving a smooth appearance. Natural bamboo granulate and jojoba wax encourage a gentle massage and promote circulation.


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