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  • Phyris Luxesse Refill – 45ml

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    With its triple effect, the soft and creamy structurizing care Phyris Luxesse Refill of Phyris fulfils the exclusive needs of all demanding skins by guaranteeing short-term, medium-term and long-term results.
    The precious Extract of the Tahiti Black Pearl makes the skin silky soft, smoothens the skin’s relief and lastingly binds moisture. The skin is given a delicate pearly shimmer and looks balanced and harmonious. Para Cress Extract noticeably relaxes the skin and visibly reduces mimic lines. The skin’s own lipid synthesis is stimulated by the active ingredients of Southernwood Extract. This noticeably improves skin thickness, firmness and moisture-binding capacity. Hyaluronic Acid and precious oils complete the care experience.

  • Phyris Luxesse Rich – 45ml

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    Perfect care for dry skin lacking resilience. Combined with the other treasures from the Luxesse range, this rich cream is the ideal night care and wonderfully suited for a massage. Particularly during the cold season, Luxesse Rich enrobes the skin in a soothing South Sea dream.

  • Phyris Vision Eye Lift – 15ml

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    Vision Eye Lift is great for using two to three times a week or overnight as an eye mask. Apply a pea-sized amount to the cleansed eye area and allow to take effect for at least 10 to 15 minutes. The residue can remain on the skin (overnight) or, if required, be removed with Hydro Tonic and a cotton pad.

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