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  • Phyris Beauty Sleep Cream – 50ml

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    The smooth texture of the Phyris Beauty Sleep Cream activates and protects the cells overnight. Wake up you’re totally different! Visibly rejuvenated and very bright.

  • Phyris Moisture Refill – 50ml

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    The fresh texture gives a deep feeling to the skin, even in the skin that tends to feel tension.

    • A macroalga extract is produced for reactivated collagen and elastin production as well as intensified Hyaluron formation. This reduces the volume and area of the wrinkles and the skin is returned to the natural elasticity.
    • The macroalgae essence activates the power plants of the skin cells in order to ensure renewed cellular activity. This can protect the skin against premature environmental aging.
    • The active ingredient Sealift forms on the skin an immediately lifted net, which wrinkles clearly upholstered. This makes the skin immediately smoother and younger.
    • The encapsulated depot Hyaluron releases its moisture gradually so that the skin is permanently moistened. The skin feels fresh and supple, for a “deep moisture effect”.
  • Phyris See Change Eye & Lip – 15ml

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    The eye area reveals your age, it needs extra special care, it activates cell protection, provides elasticity and firms and contours the eyelids with marine beauty complex, from the ocean. Algae moisturizes, plumps up the skin cells.

    Silk Acacia Extract firms and tones the skin around the eye and lip area.Reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip area for a more youthful complexion.

  • Phyris Smoothing Cream – 50ml

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    The particularly soft texture of the PHYRIS Smoothing Cream makes the skin feel even and smooth.

  • Phyris V-Contour – 30ml

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    Silky soft, rejuvenating active ingredient concentrate. The moisturizing formulation intensively firms the V-contour.

    • reduces the volume and surface of wrinkles as it restores the skin’s natural elasticity
    • protects the skin from premature environmental skin aging
    • moisturizes for an immediately smoother skin surface
    • uniquely maintains the natural “beauty triangle”
    • an ideal complement for all customers who want to protect their skin from sagging contours
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