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Dr. Schrammek Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream 50ml
Dr. Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream – 50ml



Dr. Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream – 50ml

Dr. Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream – 50ml


Light cream for reddened and irritated skin. Pampers the skin and helps to diminishes feelings of tautness. The green pigments have a long-term concealing effect on redness. The disturbed complexion appears harmonious and balanced. Without perfume, without mineral oils, without parabens


Dr. Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream

Red blotches are diminished and the skin is calmed
Lends moisture and diminishes feelings of tautness
Tiny capillaries on the surface of the skin are strengthened
Red blotches are concealed, the complexion appears more even
Feelings of tautness are diminished
Perfume-free, absorbs quickly
Protects against harmful environmental influences

Dr. Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream Usage Instructions

Mornings and evenings apply after cleansing.TIP: For protection against UV rays during the daytime additionally use OPTIMUM PROTECTION CREAM with SPF 20.

Dr. Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream Active Ingredients

Pilewort (Ranunculus ficaria)
Mimosa extract
Vitamin C
Extract of Butcher’s Broom


50ml jar


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Good product for Rosea

Rosea Calm Cream has kept my mild Rosea under control for many years. It is an expensive product, but seems to do the job.

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