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Why Organic Skin Care Products are the Best

You want beautiful skin, so you buy the leading products sold in the stores today. The labels promise perfect skin, but did you know that many of those products are harmful to your skin and health?

Your body absorbs more than half of what you put on your skin, so it’s important to pay close attention to the products you buy. Applying toxins and chemicals to your skin can cause allergic reactions, sensitivities, and even clog your pores.

Organic skin care products offer the most benefits including smooth skin and better health benefits. The right products help you achieve a healthy glow and don’t harm your organs. You can feel good about what you put on your body when you choose organic skincare products.

Are you still not sure that organic skincare is essential? Check out the reasons you may want to consider it below.


There Aren’t Strict Regulations on Skin Care Products

The United States doesn’t have a lot of restrictions or bans on ingredients skincare manufacturers may use in their products. Harmful ingredients, such as parabens, sulfates, and carcinogens are found in many non-organic skincare products, all of which cause damage to your body. In fact, many of the ingredients found in common skin care products in the US are banned in other countries. Why are they allowed here?

Choosing organic products made with non-toxic ingredients to help ensure your optimal health and wellness. Certified organic products only use natural ingredients with names you can pronounce. There aren’t toxins that can cause allergic reactions, skin issues, or issues with your health. You should be able to research each ingredient and know that it’s healthy for your skin and not have to worry about it containing ingredients that are banned throughout the world.

You’ll Reduce the Risk of Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are often due to the harsh chemicals used in non-organic skincare products. It can be hard to determine what actually causes the reaction since there are hundreds of chemicals in one product. When you choose organic skin care products, there are fewer ingredients and they are natural.

If you have a reaction, you can typically narrow down what it is that caused the reaction as you will recognize the names of the ingredients, such as rhubarb or chickpea flour found in the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant with Lactic Acid.

You Don’t Have to Wonder What’s in the ‘Fragrance’

Have you ever looked at the label of non-organic skincare products? Most of them contain the ingredient ‘fragrance.’ Did you know that there are very few regulations regarding what fragrance can actually mean? Most often, it means chemicals and the FDA doesn’t require companies to disclose exactly what is in them. Fragrances or chemicals are typically what cause unpleasant reactions and health issues.

Organic skin care products don’t use the label ‘fragrance.’ Instead, you’ll see an exact list of every ingredient used, allowing you to make an informed decision about the product. Would you rather use a product that you had to guess what was in it or one that you know and understand each ingredient?

Organic Skin Care Products Work Better

Just like organic food often tastes better and creates better recipes, organic skin care products work better too. This is because you’re getting the ‘real thing.’ Organic skin care products have top quality ingredients that don’t include chemicals or additives. Instead, you get the full benefit of the real ingredients without the fillers. This is great for those with sensitive skin as well as anyone that cares about their health and the look of their skin.

Your Skin Will Glow

Our ancestors used only plant-based ingredients on their skin and guess what? They had gorgeous skin. It wasn’t until our products became filled with toxins and chemicals that we started experiencing dry, oily, clogged, acne-prone, red, and inflamed skin.

Using only plant-based organic products helps your skin achieve its natural glow again. It’s like going back to the basics. While many people wonder if it will really work since they’re so used to using chemically filled products, organic skincare products bring out the natural glow you’ve always desired.

Organic Products are Cruelty-Free

The beauty industry is fraught with people banning their products due to animal cruelty. That’s because manufacturers need to test the products on animals before putting humans at risk. The numerous chemicals and additives in the products are what put animals and potentially humans at risk, but it’s inhumane to test harmful products on animals.

Organic skin care products don’t require animal testing because the ingredients are all-natural, not chemically made. There’s no reason to see how animals or humans would react because we already know. The ingredients are real and with more use, can help put an end to animal cruelty.

You’re Saving the Planet

Doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint can help save the planet. When you choose organic skin care products, you reduce the use of toxins and harmful chemicals, keeping them out of the environment. The more that we put our dollars into organic products rather than chemically filled products, the lesser our impact on the environment becomes.

Choosing the Right Organic Skin Care Products

Not all organic skin care products are created equal. Just because the label says organic doesn’t mean it’s any better than the non-organic products on the market. Before you buy just any product, look for the following:

  • Sulfates, parabens, fragrances, dyes, or carcinogens on the ingredients list
  • Certifications including certified organic, cruelty-free, or vegan

It’s important to read reviews to see which products offer the most benefits and live up to their organic name.

Using organic skin care products is beneficial to your skin and your overall health. Since a majority of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, it’s important to pay close attention to the ingredients. Stick to products that have ingredients you can pronounce and that you recognize. Plant-based products that benefit your skin will also keep you healthy.


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