Phyris Collagen Depot – 75ml


The super soft firming mask instantly and lastingly improves the skin’s elasticity and tightens its contours.

  • Liposomally encapsulated Soybean Isoflavones stimulate collagen and elastin production and thus visibly combat the signs of skin aging.
  • Maritime Collagen lastingly supports the skin’s firmness
  • Additional support to skin’s defence mechanism
  • For a smooth, firm complexion
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Phyris Collagen Depot

The super soft firming PHYRIS Collagen Depot serum mask instantly tackles the typical changes of mature, tired skin and rapidly results in tighter contours. Collagen, an important component of the connective tissue, lastingly improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness and is capable of restructuring the connective tissue.


Soybean Isofl avones, Maritime Collagen, Squalane

Tip: A perfect combination for a tightening décolleté treatment is a four-week application of PHYRIS Collagen Filler plus PHYRIS Collagen Depot applied three times a week.


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