Phytomer Pionniere XMF Perfection Youth Cream – 1.6 oz


Revitalize dull, aging skin and lift the skin on your face and neck with Phytomer XMF Pionniere Youth Cream. This nourishing cream has a rich and silky texture but absorbs quickly and leaves no heavy residue behind. Deeply moisturizing, this cream balances your skins moisture levels and provides long-lasting hydration to correct dryness and renew your complexion.

Featuring marine extracts developed with biotechnology, this cream highlights XMF —a unique natural complex derived from plankton. XMF works by creating an invisible and natural film that instantly softens the appearance of fine lines for the appearance of smooth, firm skin. It also targets each skin cell to stimulate collagen production to promote the skins elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Get visibly rejuvenated skin and restore your youthful radiance.

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