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  • Acne Zinc & Sulfur Mask

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    For acne-prone, blemished and oily complexions will find fast relief from the balancing benefits of oil-absorbing Zinc Oxide and blemish-drying Sulphur. Skin will be cleaner, clearer in minutes. This deep cleansing mask works in minutes to purify pores, free skin of unwanted oil and surface cells, decongest and begin drying imperfections. Improvement is obvious as soon as the masque is removed. May be used daily as a ‘spot’ treatment for troubled areas, or as an all-over treatment 1-3 times a week.

  • Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque – 2 oz.

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    Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque gives your skin a dose of highly nourishing and cleansing ingredients to soothe inflamed skin and clear breakouts. Lactic acid derived from yogurt exfoliates and moisturizes as cucumber rejuvenates and tones the skin. Shea butter aids in healing as marigold gently soothes, cleans and reduces irritations. Clay penetrates pores to eliminate dirt and impurities, while tea tree oil works as a repairing antiseptic. Finishing off this nutritious mask is a biocomplex to boost your skin’s natural functions with vitamins.

  • ilike Organics Fibrous Stonecrop Gel Mask – 1.7 oz.

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    Ilike Organic Skin Care Fibrous Stonecrop regenerates the skin with discoloration, scars, acne, flat warts and sun damage. Stonecrop provides antioxidant benefits to protect and nourish the skin. Citric acid lightens and brightens the skin to get rid of age spots, chloasma, freckles, blotches.

  • ilike Organics Seven Herb Mask – 1.7 oz.

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    Ilike Organic Skin Care Seven Herb Mask hydrates, heals and nourishes skin prone to excessive oiliness, inflammation and acne. Aloe vera soothes and cools the skin and also helps improve tone and texture. Spearmint helps minimize skin infections while vitamin C provides powerful antioxidants to the skin.

  • Nelly De Vuyst BioAcne Mask – 1.76oz

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    • Purifying and soothing mask
    • Absorbs sebum and cleanses oily skin
    • Reduces redness and evens skin tone
    • Cleanses pores and refines skin texture
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